Automating Your Pool For Convenience And Cleanliness

by Pool Builders on 01-22-2011 in Articles

The most stressful, time-consuming and expensive problem of any pool or spa is its daily maintenance. It requires a lot of attention in terms of sanitation, cleanliness, temperature control, and chemical balance. Plus, you have to keep a constant eye on it all year round so that it is ready to use at a moment's notice. The chore that takes up a large chunk of time is sustaining a proper chemical balance, especially when it comes to chlorine. You have to carefully measure chlorine and systematically add it to the water. It's easy to forget about and it's even easier to add the wrong amount, thereby over-chlorinating the water (causing irritation) or under-estimating the measurement (creating unsanitary conditions).

But isn't this giant investment supposed to be fun and enjoyable? You didn't buy your pool in order to add another thing to your to-do list. Therefore, you may want to consider the latest in pool automation technology. These modern innovations can remove the daily task and toil it takes to maintain your pool or spa. And since these modernized devices run on a continuous program, they are also more energy-efficient, which can lead to some significant savings.

Auto Levelers

Obviously you dont want the water level in your pool to be so low that it damages your pool equipment. But it can be a pain in the but having to continuously watch and maintain the water level with a hose. An auto leveler is a device that works in your pool similar to the way your toilet works. The leveler senses when the water level is to low and automatically fills it back up to its normal level.

Automatic Cleaners

An automated pool cleaner is a vacuum cleaner intended to collect debris and sediment from swimming pools with minimum human intervention. Pools using such a cleaner on a routine basis are visually cleaner, and require less maintenance from the pool owner and less chemicals which mean lower operating costs.


A chlorinator is a device that can be built into the pool filtration system and is filled with chlorine tablets. It releases chlorine automatically into the water at a desired rate.

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