Automation Makes Swimming Pool Ownership Easier Than Ever

by Pool Builders on 09-25-2011 in Articles

Whether you own a swimming pool now or have owned one in the past you know that while it is a great place for fun and exercise, but owning one is not a task to be undertaken lightly. From testing the water, balancing the chlorine and other chemicals, to scooping leaves and debris to vacuuming and keeping the equipment in stellar working order, there are many items that need to be addressed at various times of the day, week, month and year.

Through the help of an experienced service professionals know that pool automation can certainly help make upkeep and maintenance easier. The installation of automation units - whether at the building or a renovation stage - helps assure that maintenance tasks are being efficiently addressed - and you or your service tech may not even have to be around for the process! As your swimming pool service pro will tell you, there are tasks that can be automated such as: adding and distributing chlorine, adjusting water flow and the ability to regulate your underwater LED lighting. Whether you opt for a single remote control unit or units that operate independently of one another, your swimming pool service professional can walk you through not only the benefits but the installation and set up as well. Your remote unit can be wither wireless or directly wired into a central location.

You don't have to stop at the cleaning and service steps when it comes to automation either; consider automating the operation of a robotic cleaner/vacuum system, removal and installation of the cover, adjusting the water temperature and even turning on or off of your automatic sprinklers and decorative fountains.

How will you choose the right automation unit for your needs? The best bet is to spend some time with your swimming pool service professional - he or she will be able to explain the features, benefits and help you determine what you want taken care of automatically and what you will still utilize their maintenance service for. As with any project, you will want to have a budget in mind before you start shopping as it is easy to get swayed by features which may not be in your budget.

Once you've determined what you want your automated system to take care of for you, spend time consulting swimming pool service professionals and take time to do online research so you thoroughly understand all of your options. When you go meet with your swimming pool service professional you will be a well-informed consumer for your automated swimming pool service needs.

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