Avoid Holiday Weight Gain With Swimming and Water Aerobics Exercises  

by Pool Builders on 11-13-2012 in Articles

It's already that time of year again. While the beautiful fall melts into crisp winter, and the holiday spirit fills young and old revelers alike, there is something that a lot of people fear during this joyous time of year€¦dreaded holiday weight gain! To avoid putting on the pounds this holiday season, you can physically and emotionally exhaust yourself in the gym. OR, you can head to your local (indoor and heated!) swimming pool and burn all those seasonal drinks and desserts without ever feeling like you're overdoing it. Be smart this holiday season and hit the pool to stay in shape.

To lose weight, you must consume (burn) more calories than you ingest. Goodies that are high in fat are practically unavoidable during the holiday season. Because it's hard to watch what you eat with so much fatty food being passed around, it's a good idea to tack on extra workouts to your existing regimen. And because going too hard or long in the gym can actually be detrimental to your body, the stress-reducing and pain-easing effects of water workouts can be just what you need to look great in your Christmas party outfit. Here are just a few examples of exercises you can do in the water to help get your heart rate up to fat burning levels.

Aqua Power Walk or Jog
To perform the Aqua Power Walk, and to send your cardio routine into overdrive, stand in chest deep water and begin €walking' through the water. Swing your arms from front to back to help you slice through the water. And really feel the water's resistance against your legs and core. This exercise is great because it not only gets the heart rate going, but also engages muscle groups all over the body. Walk up and down the length of the pool a few times to really feel the burn. On one of the lengths, see how fast you're able to move and your body will be forced to burn extra calories. To further this exercise, pair it with an AquaJogger Active Belt to help float the body so that you're able perform the movement in deeper water.

Water Cycling
If you're one to hit up the stationary bike at the gym, you'll love this water exercise. To start, sit on a firm and buoyant flotation device, such as a noodle, and dangle your feet towards the bottom of the pool. Begin moving your feet as if you are peddling a bike. This exercise is great because it requires little space and can really get your heart rate sky high. Try Water Cycling, or any other water-based cardio exercise, with a Sqoodle, by AquaJogger. Its square shape and ultra buoyant design makes it the ideal device for aquatic fitness routines.

Underwater Karate
Performing basic Karate moves with your body underwater will not only challenge various upper and lower body muscle groups, but is also a challenging way to incorporate cardio into your aqua routine. In shoulder deep water, try jabbing and punching underwater as quickly as you can for one solid minute. When time's up, you should feel slightly out of breath, and hopefully happy that you're burning off all those holiday pounds! For an extra challenge, add in a set of water bells, like the Hydro-Tone Bells,for added resistance. The Hydro-Tone Bells are compact, easy to hold, and help add drag to any upper body workout. In addition to the upper body sets, side and back kicks are also great exercises to do while in the water. Hold onto the side of the pool for balance and alternate kicking legs out to the sides or back behind you. This will help shape long, lean muscles and bring your heart rate up.

Best of luck staying in shape this holiday season! With a little extra time in the pool, you're aqua fitness-inspired body will be the envy of everyone at the Christmas party.

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