Avoid the Summer Sun: Exercise and Heat  

by Pool Builders on 07-24-2011 in Articles

When the sun starts really cranking come mid-August, nobody wants to go outside and start exercising furiously. Sure, we've seen all those crazy fanatics sprinting along during the day, gleaming with sweat, a look of righteous agony on their faces, losing a pound of water for every minute they're hitting the streets, but nobody really enjoys that kind of privation. Instead, there have to be safe and friendly alternatives to exercising in the sun, and in today's article we're going to take a look at some of these, making a couple of suggestions to help you avoid the worst of the heat and still get a fantastic workout without resorting to a gym.

The first solution to the summer sun is to get a water workout. There are a variety of alternatives here, ranging from the new fad of paddle boarding where you stand on a broad longboard and row yourself around the ocean, getting a great back, core, chest and arm workout, or simply swimming in the pool. Nothing is as good for your body as a good swim, with its potent combination of low impact, high cardio goodness. If those don't appeal, you can take a swimming pool cardio class, where you are led through a variety of moves as you seek to tone and strengthen your muscles within the resistance provided by the pool's water.

Another alternative is to find a way to exercise that isn't so hot. This can mean two things: finding parts of town that are actually cooler than the rest, or exercising at dawn or dusk. There are always a couple of parks in town that are cooler than the surrounded area, where long paths through the woods are kept in welcome shade and frequented by all the local joggers. Running there can help provide relief from the sun like nothing else.

Conversely, exercising at dawn or dusk can be the answer to all your prayers. Doing so naturally avoids the brunt of the midday sun, and allows you to be up and outside at a time when not only are the temperatures refreshing, but the world is calming down and allowing you to exercise without having to worry unduly about too much traffic or other urban perils. There are even dawn and dusk exercise clubs, such as running teams and the like to help provide you with the motivation to run at these alternative times.

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