Avoiding Unintentional Drowning Accidents in Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 10-29-2014 in Articles

If you are taking your family on a vacation this winter to escape the cold, you may be excited to take advantage of the hotel's swimming pool. It is important to ensure that any swimming pools constructed by companies like Hindman Pools in Greenville, SC, have followed all safety codes during their construction of swimming pools.
Pool and hot tub drownings can happen very quickly, particularly with children. Many people hear of children drowning on the news and wonder how they can protect their own from such a tragedy. If the pool is in a community setting, such as a hotel or recreational center, it is important to stay in swimming areas where a lifeguard is on duty. Even if a lifeguard is on duty, parents should still be very alert while their children are in or around water. It is also very helpful to assign "swimming buddies." This will ensure that a child is never swimming alone. Before children are allowed to go in pools without a parent or caretaker right next to them, the child should know how to swim well. Swimming lessons for children can greatly decrease the likelihood of drowning and other pool accidents. Parents should also always teach children that they must ask for permission before going near a pool. Many swimming accidents happen when parents are unaware that their child is near a pool. This can be avoided by educating the child on how important it is to have a parent or caretaker present anytime they are near water.
Children are not the only people who are at risk for drowning. Anytime a person is near water, there is a risk for an accident. Adults can avoid pool accidents by maintaining their awareness and avoiding excessive alcohol intake near swimming pools. It is also important to be cautious around any body of water, particularly swift moving shorelines, rivers, and lakes. Cold temperature, currents, and underwater hazards can make falls into natural bodies of water very dangerous. Most national parks and other well-monitored areas with water will generally warn hikers and campers to stay away from rivers and lakes when the water levels are high. High water levels can make currents swift and strong and may rapidly pull unsuspecting individuals under.
Every day, about 10 people die of unintentional drowning. In every 10 accidental drowning deaths, about two of them are children under the age of 14 years old. For every child that dies as a result of drowning, another 5 will receive emergency treatment for nonfatal submersion accidents. Children ages 1 to 4 are at the highest risk for drowning. Additionally, nearly 350 people die every year due to boating related incidents.
With those frightening statistics in mind, it is of utmost importance to ensure that pool safety is practiced. Before allowing children to be around swimming pools and other bodies of water, it is important that parents educate their children on pool safety. Companies like Hindman Pools in Greenville, SC [http://hindmanpools.com/], do their part to construct pools that follow safety codes put in place for swimming pools. For more information on how to avoid unintentional drowning and other accidents, research the Internet for safety tips.

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