BEST BUSINESS IDEAS - Starting a Pool Maintenance Service

by Pool Builders on 08-01-2014 in Articles

Swimming pools are places for the family to come together for fun and togetherness. They're great for fitness. They enhance the value of a home, as well. However, they're also maintenance intensive and homeowners need to stay on the ball to keep their water fresh, clean and safe. There's also a lot of seasonal maintenance that needs to be done. That's what makes starting a pool maintenance company one of the better cash business ideas out there.

The Benefits

If you're craving something that will get you out of the office, out from behind that desk, and into the fresh air and sunshine, there's nothing quite like performing pool maintenance. You'll service clients all around your area, and you'll be outside while you're doing it. Pool maintenance is also physical work, so you'll also benefit from getting on your feet and using your muscles rather than letting them atrophy as you sit from 9 to 5.

The benefits of starting a pool maintenance business go well beyond what it offers you. You'll be able to help people around you ensure their pools are safe havens for their families, and you'll have the chance to educate your customers about proper pool care.

Start-up Costs

Unlike some companies, there will be some upfront investment here. You'll need pool cleaning and maintenance equipment - a couple of skimmers, water-testing equipment, pool chemicals, replacement filters and other items are necessary. You'll also need a truck or van to carry all that equipment from one customer's location to the next. The good news is that you can pick up second-hand pool maintenance equipment very cheaply, and pool chemicals don't cost a fortune, particularly when you buy them in bulk from your local warehouse store.

Make Yourself Stand Out

There are several ways that pool maintenance companies can make themselves stand out. You might educate your customers on the benefits of going with an alternative water treatment method - copper ionization systems and saltwater pools both offer less health risks than chlorine treatments, for instance. You can also offer more than just summertime cleaning - pools need to be winterized, and they also need to be prepped in the springtime for warm-weather use. Offer year-round services and you'll find that you have many other customers out there.

Starting your own pool maintenance company can be an investment in your own health and happiness, as well as a great benefit to pool owners in your area.

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