Baby It Is Cold Outside - But NOT In The Swim Spa  

by Pool Builders on 05-29-2014 in Articles

Swim spas are hot tubs on steroids.
They are bigger. They can be more powerful. They could, if that was your objective, support a larger party of people.
But swim spas are not meant to contain a lot of people. You, your spouse and a couple of kids is one thing. Beyond that, you are on own.
Beyond 10 below zero outside, you would probably be on your own, too.
Swim spas are meant to provide a means, for those who want to, to relax as they would in a hot tub or exercise as they want or need to when time is limited and further strain on muscles in not part of
the objective.
Swim spas also are meant to be usable year round, even in cold climates, as hot tubs have been for years.
A relatively new development, the swim spa is, in essence, simply a larger version of a hot tub: A heated (or heat-able) pool large enough to enable one to swim, while tethered to one end of the pool, as if they were swimming in open water. The trick is, the swim spas water is continuously moved by pumps through filters that siphon out not jut airborne objectionable but also the likes of hair sprays, body lotions and other things that, in one situation may be useful and essentially inert, but in others, are not.
Swim spas offer, given their size, a wide range of enjoyment opportunities year round. You can simply float, allowing the feel of the high-pressure water to heat, and relax, you, or you can take advantage of the fact that, in time, the water pressure will, on its own, relax you, and relieve muscle pain.
Spas are outfitted with a combination of jets, or orifices, that blast water at different angles and degrees of pressure. In most (but not all) tubs, these jets are adjustable, so their angle and degree of pressure can be adjusted. Jets that are not adjustable simply provide the same type of massage over and over, whereas adjustable ones can provide an amazing assortment of sensations to deal with, for example, a stiff neck, back pain or, among other things, sore feet. (One promotional paper for spas erroneously, and absurdly, states that all of ones nerves end in the feet.)
For the maximum in massages, your spa should have more than one type of seat structured in, so at different heights and different angles, you can enjoy different sensations as the jetted water moves over and around your body.
Temperature adjustments are important, too, not simply to provide a warm sensation but also to compensate for or counteract outdoor temperatures.
The best way to test a spa, to see if it truly is going to give you the pleasures you seek, is to actually get in one at a dealers showroom. Alternatively, but less effectively, you can simply immerse your hand to feel the pressure of the jets, the temperature, and learn how seats are positioned.
A spa is not a small investment the only larger ones most people will ever make is on education, a house or a car so you should look (research) before you leap (into a financial deep end). For more

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