Baby Swimming is an Enjoyable Way to Spend the Day for Both Mum and Baby  

by Pool Builders on 04-19-2012 in Articles

There is no denying the fun involved with baby swimming; it can be enjoyed by babies as young as a few months old and provides a fond love of water that will last a lifetime. Swimming with baby isn't quite as simple as swimming with an older child, however there are several ways that you can make it easier and more fun even with a small baby.

Tips for Baby Swimming Fun

Baby swimming can be a great way to spend the day! Baby gets to have an incredible time playing in the water and both parent and baby gain valuable together time. Plus, swimming involves lots of activity, so you can be sure baby (and yourself) is getting plenty. Look at some of the ways you can make baby swimming easier.

Bring Food/Drink

Swimming will stir up an appetite as well as a big thirst. Make sure to bring plenty of food and drink with you. Snacks are great to munch on and depending on baby's age, a milk supply is vital!

Slather on the Baby Oil

Baby's skin is very delicate. Swimming can dry it out, but a slather of baby oil before hitting the swimming pool can keep the skin soft no matter how much baby swimming the two of you partake in.

Don't Give Baby a Bath Before Swimming

A baby will get cold very easily, so it is best not to give baby a bath before swimming. If you need to take a shower before swimming, ensure you have a mat for baby to play on while you shower.

Take Baby's Cue

Some babies will take right to baby swimming, others will need a bit of time, and still there are others that simply hate the water and the thought of swimming. He will offer plenty of cues as to his feelings of the water, and those feelings should be obliged. Pushing baby could only frighten him more than he already is and he may refuse to ever get back into the water.

Use Swim Nappies

Has your baby ever awoke from a nap with an extra filled nappy? If so you know just how messy a wet nappy can be. To stop problems from occurring in the water there are special swim nappies available. These won't sag or leak and allow baby swimming to be as fun as it should be without mess or hassle.

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