Backyard Pools: Keeping it Secure Through Electronic Devices  

by Pool Builders on 05-28-2011 in Articles

For sure, the day that your pool is finished being installed, is the day that your backyard changes from being just a normal yard into a brand new aquatic playground.It also changes in yet another way that you simply might or could not have come to complete terms with, and that's that your yard also becomes a far more hazardous location than it was before.

Now you're not going to read about it in your newspaper or see it on your local news due to the fact that it just doesn't have the ratings to draw that more than sensational stories have. What I'm referring to, is that drownings are now the number two highest reason of accidental death for youngsters between the ages of one and fourteen. A genuinely shocking, and hard to fathom statistic.

So for years now engineers and item developers have been working on coming up with new methods of making your yard safer and what they've come up with is fairly amazing. New high tech inventions which are not just so a lot more fool proof and cost-effective, but they're also wireless and that indicates one thing. That is that they are fast and simple to set up right out of the box.

As an example, a wireless motion detector system can sound the alarm for you if anybody enters your pool area when it is not being supervised. The sensors themselves price around $20, have a range of about twenty feet each and function in all kinds of weather. They're also calibrated well enough that they easily differentiate between a human and a dog or a cat.

Then yet another handy high tech pool security device which is well worth taking a good look at would be a floating pool alarm. These really are just what their name sounds like. They sit floating on the surface, and sound an alarm in and outside your property if anyone should enter the water when it is activated. One more layer of safety if a child enters your yard.

Now these as well as other high tech systems have brought a brand new greater level of security to pools all over the planet, but they still haven't changed one thing. That's that a nice tall fence with a sturdy swinging gate and proper functioning catch will be the finest initial line of protection for any residence that has a pool. You see, keeping kids out of your yard should be your initial priority.

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