Banja Vrujci best place for your holiday in Serbia  

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Banja Vrujci spa town is located in the municipality of Mionica, in the region of Kolubara district. Banja Vrujci is famous spa town which is located in central Serbia. It is famous of its mineral water.

Swimming pools are with mineral water. Your stay in Vrujci Banja gives you a stress - free holidays and it will be even more interesting if you visit attractive Vrujci surroundings Struganik, Ravna Gora, Ribnicka pecina (Ribnica Cave), monasteries, Lelic, Celije, and the mountains Divcibare and Rajac.

The distance from the bustle of Belgrade is only 92 kilometers which makes Banja Vrujci very easy to reach and attractive both for a longer rest and for day trips, for a relaxing break and weekends.

The spa has several groceries, restaurants, cafes and souvenier stalls. The local ambulance and the chemist`s have working hours from 7am to 14pm ( in the season on Saturdays as well) and are to be found just opposite the Vrujci Hotel, in the centre. The Post Office is near the water plant and is open on weekdays from 8am to 13pm. The local market is open every day during the season where one can buy all local products such as: country cheese, skimmed milk cream, brandy, honey, fruit and vegetable as well as other domestic specialties.

It is said that the area around the Vrujci springs has been settled for a long time . As a spa resort Banja Vrujci started developing after World War II. The first baths were built by farmers on whose properties mineral water springs were found.In 1938 the bathroom "Vojvoda Misic" was built and it had two bath tubs (for women and men), dimensions 5x4ms, the depth was 0.9m.In the same year a doctor was employed during the season. The river Gornja Toplica flows through Vrujci and it is named after its warm water which is never frozen in winter, but it evaporates in the airwhich makes a pleasant sight especially in winter.

The healing properties of Banja Vrujci The thermal water and the mud contain sulphore and is mildly radioactive.There are five main springs and several secondary ones.The temperature of the water is ranging from 26 - 28 -32 C and contain potassium, magnesium and selenium.


This mineral water as a beverage can be used as a supplement while treating:

urinary infections
renal calculi and urinary tract calculi,
chronical diseases of the stomach and duodenum.

Bathing in therapeutic supplementary purposes is used for the following diseases:

neurotical anxiety of the lower degree,
obsessive compulsive disorder of the lower level,
psychosomatic neurosis,
ocupational neurosis and hypertensions of the first degree (with no complications in the organs).

Bathing in the hot tubs with reheated water up to 37C is used for treating the following diseases:

diseases of the locomotor apparatus,
inflamatory rheumatism (the stadium of calm joint inflammation),
Behterev disease - the initial stage )
degenerative rheumatism (arthrosis, spondylosis),
extraarticulosed rheumatism (fibrositis, miositis, panicul.,tenden.)

chronical gynecological diseases (chronical zapalj procesies - adnexiti adnexoparamet and infertility, vaginal spraying).

Banja Vrujci is well known base for the preparation of many sports clubs. Vrujci offers many sport activities, a football field, basketball playground, tennis courts and swimming pools.
In Vrujci Spa you can get a complete spa and wellness treatment of relaxation: massage, Jacuzzi, sauna, swimming pool. Also, if you like long walking, this area is perfect for this kind of recreation.

Banja Vrujci is engaged in organized tourism for many years and boasts the fact that it hosted many famous public figures, actors, athletes, artists, singers and many famous sport clubs. Accommodation in Banja Vrujci can be divided on hotel accommodation, private accommodation, apartments, villas, lodgings, cottages, rooms, houses for the issuance and apartment accommodation type studio. Banja Vrujci has accommodation facilities which are mainly reflected in the private housing types and are mostly concerned apartments and rooms in the villas and houses for rent.

Welcome to Banja Vrujci nature spa resort, we wish you a pleasant stay.

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