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by Pool Builders on 03-18-2010 in Articles

Baracuda is a well known manufacturer of automatic pool cleaners. It offers a range of simple to sophisticated pool cleaners. You may choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. Five of the most popular Baracuda pool cleaners are discussed below. Since swimming pools are of two types, namely of the in-ground and above-ground variety, the pool cleaners discussed here are put under these two heads.

In-ground type

X7 Quattro - This is suction type cleaner. It boasts of the QTC System (Quattro traction system). QTC is basically an arrangement of four independent and flexible discs that gives this cleaner greater mobility in tight corners of a pool and superior suction and adhesion power on the pool surface. It is powered by the pool's own filtration system and has a twist-lock hose that reduces vacuum loss. Its design is compact and it is capable of climbing up the 90 degree side walls. This sleek cleaner is built to last.

G3 - A suction type cleaner that is simple yet effective. This is an automatic pool cleaner with an anti-stick design. The only operational moving part is the diaphragm. It has no flapper or hammer which makes it a lot quieter. It is equipped with wheel deflectors which allow the G3 to navigate around the toughest nooks and corners of a pool, including the steps and ladders. The hose and diaphragm are made from durable material. This guarantees real value for your money.

G2 - This suction type cleaner has the patented Zodiac Advanced Hydrodynamic Design. It comes completely pre-assembled. Like the G3, it has a simple design and has durable hoses, and wheel deflectors.

S3 Robotic - The S3 Robotic is a smart cleaner with the patented Intelligent Steering System (ISS). It is a fully automatic cleaner which navigates on its own. It has two programmed cleaning modes and the proven low voltage technology. The cleaner has its own powerful pump and requires no additional pumps or filter lines. Thus, it gives maximum cleaning power with minimal power consumption. It's simplicity with smartness. You do not need to connect it to multiple hoses. It is a stand-alone system.

Above-ground type

Ranger - It is an affordable and dependable above-ground cleaner. But it doesn't come pre-installed. However, it requires no extra plumbing and no external power.

There are various manufacturers of pool cleaners. Each cleaner may differ from the other in its utility, mechanism, and price.

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