Basic Guidelines for Choosing a Suitable Swim School That Helps Your Child Develop a Love of Swimming  

by Pool Builders on 08-21-2012 in Articles

If you are searching for the perfect swimming classes for children, you need some guidelines into what to look for in a good school. An internet search may reveal plenty of schools to choose from, but knowing which will suit you and your family is likely to be a little confusing.

Visit the School Before You Register Your Child

Once you have found a few schools you feel may suit your family, perhaps because of their reputation or location enquire if they offer a free trial lesson or will let you visit the pool whilst classes are in session. It may be possible to request an interview with instructors or to look around the school when there are no lessons scheduled.

Three Questions to Guide Your Choices
As you look at each school, it's useful to ask three questions about their operation and service.

1. Skills taught to children should be age appropriate. They should be challenging but not stressful and all teaching should be focused on developing self-confidence in the children, yet still be safety focused to help children make sensible decisions around water. Exposing a child to a stressful situation can have the reverse effect of building confident water safety. If your child is nervous, it may be better to choose a school that operates with small groups and ensures children of similar swimming ability are in the same class.

2. Choose a school held in a quieter daytime location if your child is preschool age. Many very young children are able to concentrate better when they are not surrounded by lots of action that may disrupt their concentration. Seeing other children free playing whilst they are in a swim class can make even the most well behaved preschool child frustrated and less co-operative
3. Some schools may focus on business operations rather than a child friendly approach to classes. If your child is offered a class that is not suitable for her age or current swimming ability, it may be worth searching elsewhere for something more age appropriate. Children develop phobias as a normal part of their maturing process. It is essential that your child doesn't develop a water phobia. An understanding school will adapt their teaching techniques to ensure all children enjoy their swim class experiences.

Swimming lessons for children are a fun activity that provides families with many benefits. Choosing the right environment to learn to swim is the first stage in a journey that may take a child far beyond the local swimming school.

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