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by Pool Builders on 04-12-2009 in Articles

Tight budgets are making the move to owning a swimming pool look like a nice alternative for many families. A swimming pool will be with your property for years to come, while a one week vacation for your family could cost just as much as a pool and be done in seven days. Many swimming pool options are now available to fit various financial limitations.

Public pools are probably the least expensive option in the short term. Public pools are generally open to the public to use as a fee that is determined by the site. These can be quite large and can have many added features such as diving boards and wading areas that most home pools do not offer. The down side of this option is that paying for public swimming either by membership or by the visit can get expensive over time.

Pools costs can vary widely if you decide to make the investment in an installation. Inflatable above ground pools are the cheapest option. One well known brand is the easy set swimming pool []. More expensive, but still reasonable, are above ground swimming pools designed to stay out during the winter as semi-permanent fixtures. Finally, the most expensive option is the full in ground pool installation.

The above ground pools that get "winterized" are a popular option today. They are large enough to be enjoyed by several people but do not carry the very high price tag of an in ground swimming pool.

Expenses related to the installation of an above ground pool can add up quickly. Pools costs include the pool itself, preparing the poolscape area, running electricity to the pool area, any decking that may be added on, and of course, labor. If you are going for an installation of all new materials, this could end up costing several thousand dollars.

It may help to take the sting out of paying for an in ground pool if you think of it as an investment in your property. If you would ever decide to sell, you should stress the pool as a selling point. No one can promise what you will get out of your investment, but generally, pools look good on a property if they are maintained properly.

Generally speaking, an in ground pool is the most expensive option you can choose. Some areas or housing plans will only allow this type of pool to be installed. In addition, there may be other codes or laws in your area regarding swimming pools that you should familiarize yourself with before moving forward with any pool plans.

No matter what swimming pool option you may choose, get all of your costs added up before ever making your purchase. Your new pool shouldn't cost so much that it destroys your budget. Shop wisely and take care of the pool you decide to purchase. Today's pools can last for several years and serve as a great addition to your home and property.

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