Basic Tips for Intex Swimming Pools

by Pool Builders on 09-30-2010 in Articles

The summer heat can become fairly unbearable at its peak. Therefore, it is highly likely that you, like many people, wish you had a swimming pool in such times. Fortunately, owing to the availability of Intex swimming pools, you can. These are inflatable, above ground pools that would not require you to either spend a lot of money, time or effort in setting them up in your backyard. However, despite the multiple benefits and the easy to use design of these swimming pools, you will still need to take care of them and maintain them. There are a couple of very simple things that you can do to protect your investment, if you are planning to buy one. Here are some tips:

It is possible that some states and countries would require you to have a permit or license to have a pool in your backyard, irrespective of the fact that it is an inflatable one. Although Intex swimming pools usually do not require licenses and permits to be installed, it would be wise if you check and make certain of this.

Laying surface:
Like every inflatable thing, they are also susceptible to being punctured by a sharp object. This is the major threat and hence you should do everything to prevent this. Apart from not allowing sharp objects near the pool, you can do something before installing it that will help ensure its safety. This is the clearance of the surface in which you plan to lay it. You will need to clear the area of objects such as sharp stones, twigs, etc. Another benefit of doing this is that you would not injure yourself when you are walking on the bottom of the pool.

Although these pools are designed to withstand a lot of pressure, they also have their limits. Therefore, you need to ensure that they do not have to withstand pressure that is beyond what they are capable of. For this, you will need to make the laying area as flat as possible because water can create a lot of pressure when the swimming pool is on a slope. Moreover, this pressure can, in the long run, really take its toll on the structural integrity of the swimming pool.

Filling it up:
Even though you do not need to, it would not be a bad idea to hire a professional team to fill the swimming pool for you. Many people recommend this because then the Intex swimming pools do not take a long time to get ready. Another advantage would be that if your supply of water needs to be treated in some manner then the professional team would be able to treat it appropriately.

Intex swimming pools do not require a lot of maintenance, apart from the little steps listed above.

Furthermore, these maintenance tips are very basic in nature and do not cost a lot of money or a lot of effort.

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