Basic Types of Swimming Pool - Knowing The Difference to Make the Perfect Choice For Home Pools

by Pool Builders on 12-30-2008 in Articles

You probably want to have a pool constructed in your homes today. Anyone would really want to be in your position right now. Not many can afford to have them since construction is expensive and on top of that, it can create a huge difference on the electric bill as well as the water bill. However, even if you can buy any type of pool that you want, you still have to evaluate properly before choosing the right kind of pool in your backyard. For those who have big spaces and limitless funds, they could have better options in choosing their pools. However, if you have limited space and limited budget, sometimes you will have to forego the various features of a luxury pool and just go with the basics.

Since time in memorial, people have been accustomed in to two basic types of swimming pools. The first type is the in ground pools. They are more expensive than the other type and they take longer to make. However, when it comes to look and stability of the systems, this type has really and advantage. Under this category, there are three commonly known in ground pools: the Gunite, the fiberglass and vinyl lined. The Gunite is made out of concrete filled in rebars. Aside from the basic components of the pool, they also have pool finish like pebble pool or plasters. The fiberglass, is like a big basin made of fiberglass that is placed in a big hole and fancied up with landscaping. Vinyl lined pools are like Gunite. Only this time the finish is made out of vinyl and the concept is like putting wallpaper in your homes. After which, the water is filled into the big tub.

On the other hand, above ground pool fills up the second basic type spot. In contrast to the other one, they are cheaper and easy to make. They can also be portable, meaning you can put your pool at your backyard or even your front yard. Most of the portable types are made simply by inflating them or it can have the concept of a big tub made of plastics. They can be a beauty too but not as amazing as what you can do with the in-ground. It still has the components of a basic swimming pool but the thing is, not all of their shapes and size can be customized. You do not even have to worry about measuring them or even finishing them with pebble pool, tiles or even plasters because they are all ready for use. All you have to do is to build a structure around them to make them stable or at least to make them attractive, fill them up with water and you can dive right in. It is hassle free and all you have to do is just to fancy them up a bit to make your backyard more attractive with them around.

Try to check out your area. See if you have the space needed to accommodate the pool of your dreams. In addition, do not forget the budget.

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