Basketball Equipment Review: First Team Hydroshot III Basketball Hoop  

by Pool Builders on 05-04-2011 in Articles

The First Team Hydroshot III brings premium grade basketball performance to your poolside! For those who love to hoop it up while they splash around, First Team introduces the HydroShot STAINLESS STEEL adjustable poolside basketball system. They HydroShot's 4" square post and dual strut extension arm make a "tough as nails" poolside unit that will NEVER RUST!! No more flimsy, plastic models. The HydroShot will far exceed your expectations for a poolside basketball unit. The HydroShot comes complete with your choice of three clear, professional looking acrylic backboards and breakaway rim. To adjust the unit, simply turn the crank handle positioned for easy access from the pool deck.

The unit is infinitely adjustable from regulation 10' down to 6'6". An easy-to-read height indicator is provided as well. Designed for commercial waterparks, the First Team Hydroshot III also makes a first class residential poolside hoop. First Team's unique anchor bolt installation design allows you to easily relocate the unit if you ever need to. An anchor bolt cover is provided with each unit. For additional safety, backboard padding is available to all HydroShot models. The Hydro Shot III is a high-quality poolside basketball system. Its 4" x 4" steel post offers extreme durability and the dual strut extension arm is built to last. This unit will give you many years of rust-free use, unlike flimsy plastic versions. When the rim height is set to 10', the post to backboard extension is 36".

The distance increases as the rim height is lowered. You can bring the rim height on the Hydro Shot II down to as low as 25" above the mounting surface. When you want to change the rim height on the Hydro Shot III, simply use the crank handle to make the adjustment. You have the flexibility to set the rim height to any level between 10' and 6'6". The Hydro Shot III's anchor bolt system design makes it easy to move the unit if you ever want to use it in a different location. A protective cover is used to keep the anchor bolts hidden. Designed in the same way as the premium basketball systems used in commercial water parks, the Hydro Shot III provides you with a high-quality unit.

It is equipped with a 36" x 54" acrylic backboard and a heavy duty flex goal. To avoid the possibility of breakage when players hang off the goal the Hydro Shot III is "direct mounted" for stability and safety.

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