Be Able to Swim All Year Long With a Solar Swimming Pool Heater

by Pool Builders on 04-04-2010 in Articles

The idea of being able to take a nice refreshing swim anytime of year regardless of the temperature outside is a great one. Now you can do just that, and for dirt cheap. Heating a swimming pool in the past has been a very costly endeavor and often requires a lot of maintenance as well. Hayward Pool Products has some of the larger pool heaters on the market, and they are either powered by propane to heat the water, or by 110/220v AC. Nowadays, you won't need to worry about the costs of running this equipment. You have all of the energy you need to heat your pool from the sun!

There are many different ways to heat your pool with the sun available on the market today. Whether you have an above ground pool or in-ground pool, there is a solar pool heater for you. Most of these solar pool heaters can be obtained for relatively little cost, and if taken care of, they can last for many years. The majority of these kits can be assembled with simple hand tools as well. You also luckily don't need to be an expert builder to assemble them either.

One great example of an in-ground swimming pool heater is an in ground solar swimming-pool heater. One reviewer of this particular product claimed an increase in water temperature from 56 degrees to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a significant temperature increase! I have ordered this exact setup myself, and I will be putting it to use as soon as it arrives.

For those of you who have an above ground pool, you may check out an above ground solar pool heater. It is an efficient and easy to set up kit. One reviewer claimed an increase of 5 degrees in just 6 hours, and that was while using only 4'x10' panels. These panels come with the kit, and can be somewhat customized based on the size of your above ground pool. Another rave review claims that it raised his pool to 93 degrees before he had to shut it off because the water was getting too warm!

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