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by Pool Builders on 06-15-2009 in Articles

Florida and pools go hand in hand. When we first moved into our house, the
pool did not have an enclosure. Therefore, all the leaves from the big tree out
front fell right into it, and it was really hard to maintain. We ended up
getting an enclosure, and then the pool was freezing cold! Those of you with
pools, you can learn from my mistake here. We purchased a heat pump that was
similar to an air conditioning unit, only it was a heater for the pool. You set
it at whatever temperature, and it will kick on and off to keep it just right.
Well, we didn't buy the cheapest model, we bought the one in the middle. It also
had a 10 year warranty. About two years after using it, it broke. Oil was
leaking into our swimming pool! I phoned the company, and to my surprise, they
went out of business! Just my luck, they made their own parts as well. I called
around and had so many people come to look at it, only to tell me there was no
way to make it work. I had a $5,000 piece of junk that I was still making
payments on that I just had to throw out!

Swimming pools are most definitely a money pit, but when you have kids, they can
also be lots of fun. Did you know that more than 900 children between the age of
1 and 14 die each and every year from drowning accidents? Drowning is the main
cause of accidental death for kids between the ages of 1 through 4 in the state
of California alone. I am sure you really don't need these statistics to
convince you to do everything you can to keep this from happening to your own
children, grandchild or small pet?

Pool Protector Pool Alarm
is something nobody with a pool should be
without. It's an electric monitoring type of system that automatically sounds an
alarm when children or animals fall into your unsupervised swimming pool. It
sits on the pool deck, and it is portable, self-contained and light weight, and
it is very simple to operate. Entry into the pool will be detected by the Pool
Alarm's electric sensor, tripping a loud alarm at the unit and in your house
from the remote receiver.

The Pool Alarm installation is quite simple, and after you install it, it will
not be de-activated as it's always in the alarm ready mode until you manually
put it into sleep mode. It comes with a remote receiver that can be put anywhere
in your home up to two hundred feet from the main unit. It also includes a
twelve volt power supply. It uses one 9-volt battery which should last
approximately one year. There is a audible low battery indicator that sounds at
the poolside unit and the remote receiver. It is something no family should be
without if you have a pool with children around.

Yours In Safety,

Regina Jacques

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