Be Aware of French Swimming Pool Regulations

by Pool Builders on 06-09-2010 in Articles

If you buy a property and you decide to build a swimming-pool, you should be aware of the delay regarding the security system that you will use. The pool must be secured during the water filling or at the end of the pool's work. The manufacturer or the installer of the pool must provide you a technical note indicating:

• the characteristics, operating conditions and maintenance of the device

• the risk of drowning, general preventive measures to be taken and recommendations attached to the use of this safety device.

There are others swimming pool concerned by the law on security: inground or semi-inground pools (family, hotels, residence, camping...) but also Jacuzzi. In fact, there is nothing in the law regarding a minimum size for pool.

Regarding the security devices chosen, there are four different possibilities that must respond to the French standards or to the regulatory of a member state of the European Union:

• Alarms must meet the standard NF P90-307 and are generally less expensive systems and can also use a very simplified as automatic. Alarms should be made, constructed or installed so that all controls activation and deactivation cannot be used by children under 5 years.

- Perimeter alarm: it builds a security perimeter around the pool and when people cross the perimeter siren sounded to warn you of danger.

- Immersive alarm: the alarm fires when a body enters the pond water through one or more sensors installed in this one. A siren will sound to warn of danger.

• Blankets must be made, constructed or installed to prevent accidental flooding of children under 5 years and to resist the crossing of an adult and not cause injury. (NF P90-308)

• Shelters must be made, constructed or installed so as not to cause injury and be such that, when closed, river pools are inaccessible to children under 5 years (NF P90-309)

• Security barriers must be made, constructed or installed to prevent the passage of children under 5 years old without adult help, to resist the actions of a child under 5 years, including regarding the locking of access, and not to cause injury. (NF P90-306)

For pools built before June 2004 8th, the manufacturer or the device installer should give you a receipt saying that your security system is in agreement with the French law. If your swimming-pool was equipped with a security system by a previous owner, you need to be able to prove with a certified document that your security device complies with the law.

The only swimming pool that are not affected by these regulations are above-ground pools, indoor pools, inflatable pools and those from swimming centers (as there is constantly a life-guard). Maries, Gendarmes and DDE (French road equipment government bureau) are in charge of controlling if every owner of a swimming pool complies with the Law. If not, the owner must pay a penalty of 45,000.

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