Be Careful Picking a Winter Sun Holiday Destination

by Pool Builders on 09-01-2010 in Articles

A winter break is great but for all you sun lovers you need to be careful where you are going! I often see deals on the TV promoting hotels and apartments in their winter sun brochure and highlighting the great swimming pool you can use all year round.

Well in theory you can use the pool but chances are if you head out to mainland Spain in late November, December and January you are unlikely to have the weather that makes swimming suitable unless you have a good heated swimming pool ( normally 4 or 5 star hotels only ).

In places such as mainland Spain, Portugal and many parts of Europe the swimming pool will be very cold during the night and this has a knock on effect for the next day as even a "hot winters day" may not be enough to raise the pool temperature.

Your best bet for winter sun is the Canary islands but even then if you don't have a heated pool it still might be too cold for a swim! Or you could always fly long haul and enjoy a more exotic destination.

Now despite this I have seen some folks swimming in freezing water during November in Benidorm but you need to be brave! This is why Christmas holidays to places such as Majorca, Benidorm and Costa Del Sol are normally much cheaper than hotter destinations such as Tenerife and Lanzarote.

Of course we can't control the weather but there are many winter destinations that are a safe bet if you are looking for guaranteed sun and an improvement on the weather you are used to getting back home!

A Simple tip but be careful when booking a Winter sun holiday and if you can afford it, book that heated swimming pool so you can enjoy a nice swim in the winter sun and relax on your holiday!

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