Be Creative When Choosing 800 Vanity Numbers  

by Pool Builders on 09-16-2012 in Articles

Since 800 vanity numbers are some of the most common ways for small businesses to improve the general public's perception of them, they are becoming harder and harder to procure. By following the tips and tricks listed here, any business owner can be a pro at selecting the perfect vanity number for their business.


Humor is just one of the many ways in which a business owner can make 800 vanity numbers memorable. This humor should be G-rated and easy to pick up on never vulgar or cryptic. For instance, a pet grooming company could choose 1-866-1-WET-DOG as their number. Similarly, a pizza delivery company might choose 1-888-GETAPIE. While these are not overly funny, they are just humorous enough to make them memorable and they are also directly related to their associated industries. Business owners who want to come up with a humorous number should first brainstorm a list of words that are associated with the industry and then try adding additional letters and numbers.


Another way to make 800 vanity numbers memorable and perhaps the most effective is to create a number that rhymes when it is spoken aloud. One example might be 1-888-PLAYDATE if the industry is childcare related. Another great use of rhyming in vanity numbers can be discovered in a martial arts training studio 1-866-FORKICKS. The lists go on and on, but rhyming is best avoided with 877 numbers for obvious reasons. Once a number has been selected, a business owner should be sure to advertise it with radio and television ads for the most impact on the general public. This way, the parts of the number that rhyme are enunciated clearly and everyone gets the gist.


When a business is part of an industry that does not face a lot of competition, it may be the wisest decision to select a number that is directly related to the industry itself. Take, for instance, a company that specializes in swimming pool maintenance. In smaller towns, there is likely not more than one company within that industry. Here, it is beneficial to choose a number like 1-855-POOLBOY or 1-877-BLUE-POOL because it relates directly to the industry and is not cryptic in any way. Even 1-800-SWIMMING would be an option for companies who are in this rare situation.


Vanity numbers should be easy to remember and catchy, but they should also be 100% original and unlike any numbers chosen by companies in the industry. A car wash business in competition with others would be making a dire mistake by choosing 1-866-WASH-CAR when a competitor has already procured 1-866-CARWASH. 800 vanity numbers are designed to enhance memorability, not confusion. A better choice for a business owner with a car wash would be 1-866-SPARKLE; though this particular number is not necessarily directly related to the industry, a series of advertisements can ingrain the number into the memories of the public and build association.

There are several different factors to consider when choosing 800 vanity numbers, but they all involve a bit of creativity and thought. Whether choosing a vanity number because it is humorous, original, rhyming or simply related to the industry, promoting the brand and enhancing memorability are always the primary goals of these numbers.

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