Be Prudent and Select Swim Spas on Swimming Pools Which is Cheaper and Excellent Alternative

by Pool Builders on 12-29-2009 in Articles

If you are thinking of buying a hot tub, wait a while. Learn more about it before you actually buy one. Literally, hot tubs are nothing but large homemade or manufactured tubs or small pools full of heated water that allows you to have a relaxing soak. However, a true hot tub is a vehicle for hydrotherapy and is fitted with jets that will provide the right type of message to the right spot. They are generally located outdoors, but you can also have them installed indoors if you have enough space.

First thing that you should do is to decide the location of the tub. Following are some of the points that you should consider before deciding on the position:
o Indoor hot tubs provide privacy and you can enjoy them round the year without being bothered about rain or hail.
o Outdoor tubs on the other hand allow you to enjoy the natural surroundings as you relax in the hot water.
o At the same time, you can put an enclosure around the outdoor hot tub to provide privacy from the prying eyes of the neighbors and passersby.
o Indoor tubs last longer since they are not exposed to harsh weather conditions.
o At the same time, if the ventilation is inadequate the indoor ones can damage the structure of the house. There is no such fear in case of out door ones.

You also need to decide, whether you want an underground hot tub or over the ground model. After that comes the size of the hot tub. It will depend on the number of people that you think will be using it at a time. A small hot tub can accommodate two people at the most; bigger ones can accommodate six or more people at a time. How much money you are willing to spend on tubs will also determine the type of tubs you will have.

If money is no problem, you can buy a swim spa instead of hot tub. In fact, swim spa combines the benefit of a swimming pool, a hot tub and a spa. It offers opportunity for relaxation, exercise and therapy. For anyone wanting to improve their fitness, swim spa provides an alternative to jogging and gym training. They offer serious workout minus the hazards of land workouts. Injuries are very rare if you do your daily exercise in your swim spa.

Two crucial points should borne in mind whether one has small hot tub or swim spa. Level of energy efficiency matters most in spas. Be aware that buying home spas are one-time investments and if you don't check energy efficiency you won't enjoy using it most often. Second important factor is sanitation which should be treated on priority basis. Here is a chance of bacteria catching up as they target such conditions. Sanitization should be given equal importance. Always use them carefully to keep water chemistry proper. It solves your purpose and you avail all benefits.

May we talk about energy efficiency in the beginning? Planned installation assures excellent energy efficiency. Installation of spas varies from one manufacturer to other. Few fill whole cabinet with foams whereas some merely fill underside of shell or cabinet. In few cases they fill both hence confusion still exists. Even though some manufacturers reassure of taking special care in installation of tubes but comparative study is not yet done to confirm such claims. Even to this day only option is reposing faith on the words which manufacturer speak.

It is necessary to maintain excellent hot tub water sanitation and chemistry. These arrangements ensure spread of various diseases get prevented timely. You must also keep your tub safe from damaging. Some special chemicals like bromine and chlorine are often preferred in such sanitization process. Mineral sanitization is considered excellent option though in which minerals and metals like silver and copper are used for keeping water properly sanitized. These minerals don't produce foul odor or syndromes such as skin irritation or red eyes. They liquidate pathogens particularly protozoa, viruses, fungi and bacteria properly by controlling contaminations to occur.

Considered best supplements Ozone generator or UV sterilizers are major prerequisite of sanitization method. Stubborn microorganisms can be removed from the tub by using potassium monopersulfate or large doze of chlorine. A precautionary step is that one shouldn't use the spa for minimum eight hours once such chemicals have been used to cleaning it. Appropriate Ph factor of water must also be maintained for keeping chorine best workable. Unbalanced Ph factor may develop corrodes in several portions of the tub which may damage it.

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