Be Responsible By Putting Up Your Pool Cover

by Pool Builders on 04-03-2011 in Articles

Being a responsible swimming pool owner is not just by keeping it clean and clear of dirt, debris, bacteria and other microorganisms, but also by making a secure way of keeping your family safe. Perhaps you don't know, drowning is the primary and leading cause of death of children especially the toddlers. How is this possibly? It's simple due to negligence of setting up pool covers which act as your first line of defense for your children against possible drowning at the pool. That is why pool covers were developed as they are not only made for the sole purpose of reducing your maintenance work on the pool.

Not only will you keep your family safe but your pets as well. Maybe you have a beloved puppy that wanders too often in your pool area. If you leave the pool open, you are risking your puppy of drowning. Aside from keeping them safe you can also make sure that your water is clean and healthy to bathe in.

Pool covers before are designed primarily to reduce the maintenance needs of pool owners as these covers help a lot by keeping the pool clean of debris and dirt. Leaves and other elements are caught before they can even touch the water of the pool and because of this you will not need to do a regular maintenance on many things. Some examples of these advantages are; you won't need to add water as it is free from evaporating into the sky and water treatment chemical consumption is also reduced.

No matter what type of pool cover you use as long as you don't overlook installing it after every use can be your first step in becoming a responsible pool owner. However, there are specific covers designed to withstand certain things such as weather. Winter pool covers of course are best for the winter as they are obviously designed for that purpose. Among the different types of covers, you can choose from the two mostly used among these. The solid pool covers which is more popular than the other is good for catching dirt and debris as well as being a good line of defense for your kids' safety. However, in case it rained, it catches up all of the water and traps it in which requires you to use a cover pump in order to remove the water that has been gathered. Another thing that makes it dangerous after rain is that it can easily sink when weight is applied. On the other hand, a mesh pool cover is very good in resisting any drowning activity done by stepping on it even though it was first thought of as incapable of withstanding pressure. Its biggest distinction against solid pool covers is its ability to absorb and release water back to the pool. This way you will not need a cover pump just to vacuum the water that got stuck in the solid pool covers.

Keeping your children attended at all times is possible, and putting up your pool cover is possible that's why it is important not to overlook it.

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