Be Transparent About Your Glass Pool Fencing  

by Pool Builders on 06-19-2014 in Articles

Whether you are a home owner with an exquisite pool by your yard, or a commercial use swimming pool owner, safety is of utmost importance as much as is value enhancement. An indoor swimming pool provides leisure for recreation and relaxation for families. While you want to ensure safety measures, losing out on space is also one thing you do not wish. Now, this is where frameless glass pool fencing comes in extremely handy and enhances the entire look of your pool. On one hand where it provides for the required safety and security, it also helps enhance the beautification of the house through improving the aesthetics of the swimming pool. And the perfect glossy sided party place look is a cherry on the cake.

Frameless glass pool fencing is also a safety requirement by state laws. This comes in the light of various surveys showing that more than 60% of accidents from drowning in pools have occurred due to the absence of any demarcation or barricade outside the swimming pool area. But glass fences around the pool area make sure the guests or children do not accidentally trip into the pool without knowing it exists.

Although iron, metal, wood, etc. are used for fencing, but the material that is catchy is glass. The benefit of glass is that one does not know it exists unless they are very close to it. While previously glass fences had metal frames, now they come in frameless format. Hence the beautification, just as you desire. Glass fences come with glass doors which enable the owners to conveniently go in for a refreshing dive without worrying about losing on the aesthetic beauty of the whole set up. Besides, one can choose from different designs, colours, patterns and textures available in glass fencing that exactly match your outdoor design.

The glass panels installed look delicate, but they are quite strong. The glass generally used is of premium quality and strength and the edges are made smooth and polished. The sides do not consist of any metal sidings and the only metals they have are the steel hinges to attach to the ground on the bottom side. These hinges are of stainless steel and are immune to corrosion and rusting. Some amount of shaking may be observed when there is strong wind, but it does not affect the stronger toughened glass that is well supported on the ground by equally strong stainless steel hinges, bolts and the like.

Although the glass fences do enhance on the beauty factor, but stains on glass are also a concern for owners. These fences require periodic maintenance which is not very strenuous but important. All you need is a clean sponge - rough scrubber would be harsh on the glass - and soap and water. Your dish washing liquid would do more than good and all you need to do is clean the fence with soap and wash away with water and it's as good as new again.

So now we have all points considered. You are sure to agree, that this truly is the most fashionable, stylish and safest fence around. Just go for the seamless, transparent glass to enhance the beauty of your pool and allow any visitors to admire it without actually diving in!!

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