Beat the Summer Heat With a Pool Workout

by Pool Builders on 08-01-2012 in Articles

The summer heat brings challenges for fitness enthusiasts who enjoy their workouts outside. To overcome those challenges, alternate methods must be found. Hanging around the pool is a favorite activity for most people during the summer months, but it can also be a great place to get a good workout in and stay cool. If you think swimming laps is the only type of workout you can get in a pool, you would be wrong.

For your cardiovascular needs laps are certainly a good place to start, but it isn't the only game in town. Water jogging is an excellent way to get your heart rate up. To get the most out of this exercise you should begin in waist deep water and begin the jog, ensuring that you maintain proper form to avoid injuries. The water pressure will not only give you a great workout, but strength will be increased as well. A variation on the water jog is to zigzag your way across the pool, then immediately reverse direction and jog straight through the current that you just created. You will enact your core muscles to fight the cross current and keep yourself on a straight path.

Strength training can also be accomplished using a pool. Equipment designed specifically for water workouts can be found in most sporting goods stores. Some of the more popular items are the water log, water dumbbells, and webbed gloves. The water log can be used primarily to support the upper body to perform the leg raise, or most other core exercises. To perform the leg raise the water log is placed around the upper body underneath the arms, similar to sitting in an armchair. The legs are kept straight and together with the toes pointed. The exercise is performed by raising the legs by bending at the waist. The water resistance will work your core muscles. A variation is to angle the legs to right or left. Most any exercise performed with a conventional dumbbell can be adapted to the water dumbbell. Exercises such as curls and the chest fly are good examples. Webbed gloves can also achieve enough resistance to get a good strength workout done.

As with any workout program there are certain things that you should heed to stay safe. If you cannot swim it is a good idea to avoid any deep water exercises, and plan your workout for a time when a lifeguard is on duty. Secondly, just because you are working out in water you will still need to keep your body properly hydrated. It is advisable to follow the same hydration schedule that you would with land based exercise.

Anything from water jogging for your cardiovascular needs to equipment designed to help you strength train, pool workouts are limited only by your imagination. So, if you are looking for a way to beat the heat, or to just shake up a stale workout, the pool just might be the answer.

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