Beautiful Nails - An Overview  

by Pool Builders on 02-19-2010 in Articles

Long and strong beautiful nails are not easy to get. Nails tend to break easily, and many suffer from splitting and fraying nails. If you are dreaming about getting those pretty, long nails that look so good, you have them in two weeks by using this nice, little trick.

One of the most common fingernail problems is split nails, brittle nails or cracked nails. You can strengthen your nails with a very simple method. It's easy, inexpensive and just takes minutes each day.

Going to the beauty parlor, getting your nails done, hair done, or having a great massage is a good way for women to de-stress. Often times it is in such moments of relaxation that people get a serendipity moment, a situation which somehow resolves a current problem present.

Use the nail file to file down your nails to a proper length. However be careful not to do this too often. You should really never file the nail unless it's about a quarter inch grown from the top of the pink part. Filing before that can weaken the nails and cause them to break easier.

Eat beans. Protein is a great way to get strong nails. Try a Bean Burrito at Taco Bell and watch your nails grow stronger - plus your hair will be shinier and it is good for your health in general.

Each women or man, who cleans dishes with hands, know that if you have hands long time in water, than you nails can break very easily. You have this experience also from swimming in swimming pool. However, every time you wash dishes try to use rubber gloves.

Dents - Dents indicate a nail injury is growing out. Perhaps you slammed your finger with a hammer or it got caught in a door.

Vertical Ridges - Vertical Ridges are usually a sign of iron deficiency or overall poor nutrient absorption. This can also signify kidney issues or poor health overall.

Those with long, narrow, round shaped nails, come across as gentle, with a strong aesthetic sense. These people are highly romantic and believe in extreme loyalty to those who they consider close. These people are seen in professions that do not require strenuous physical exertion, and have a pleasant dressing sense.

Taking good care of your nails involves getting proper nourishment; avoiding excessive contact with damaging material and taking due care while working. Household chores can be damaging to your nails because many of the solvents and cleaners that are used are not meant for your skin or nails.

To keep cuticles soft and the area around the nail bed smooth, a type of rich, natural cream should be massaged in two times a week. If the cuticles are badly damaged, alpha hydroxyl cream is a great healer and moisturizer.

Usually, walking barefoot in public swimming pools, communal shower rooms, and gyms gives them access to your toenails, while overexposing your hands to water and harmful chemicals allow the bacteria to grow in your fingernails.

Now that you have created these beautiful nails from eating so well, they also need outer care too. Just as our hands and the rest of our bodies needs to be well nourished with purely natural essential oils, moisturizers, and lotions, so do the nails.

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