Becoming A Semi-Perfect Pool Owner

by Pool Builders on 05-10-2011 in Articles

No one and nobody is perfect -- more so pool owners. Pool owners make a lot of mistakes, such mistakes, in case of severity, can break or spoil a pool. This is truly sad. I mean, how does a person become a perfect pool owner? Is there even such a person?

Well, as the prior statement entails, NOBODY CAN BE AND IS PERFECT. So the answer is no. No you cannot be a perfect pool owner and no, no such person or pool owner exists. So what can we do? What are we left with? Well, what's the next best thing to becoming perfect? SEMI-PERFECT. Now that's a goal that can be realistically reached. So how do you become one? Here's how:

Know everything that you need to know about your pool. It's parts, functions, maintenance and replacements. Encode the information on a notebook where you can easily read through and follow them.

Hide or bring with you your manuals and guide books. Do not throw them or put them away. Manuals are really important sources of information just when you need them. Manuals are included to your pool's equipment package for a reason my friend. Read and analyze each word.

Go out to your backyard and familiarize yourself with your pool's characteristics and equipment. Know every inch, button, handle and specification of each one. It is time to get down and dirty. If you can, have an expert do this with you. Let the expert teach you and in return do what you are told. Actually pinch, touch and turn your things. Practice using them so you will become an expert yourself.

Stick to your pool. If you have a bromine treated pool stick with its requirements and requisites. Do not pay attention as to how a chlorine pool is maintained. Focus on your sanitation type and know everything that there is to know about it. Some people tend to mix things up which then ruins their pool. Do not be one of these people.

Cognize about your swimming pool chemicals. Pool chemicals exist for a specific reason -- to keep your water clean and safe to use. Acquaint yourself with each chemical's purpose, application and storage. After being equip with the information, see to it that you follow them punctiliously. Pool chemicals were created to help you maintain your pool if used properly. So use them properly so that they can help you at their fullest extent.

Study your filter. Please know that your filter is there to help you clean your pool. There are three types of filters in the market today: Sand, Cartridge and DE (Diatomaceous Earth) filters. Read through your vade mecum or surf through the internet for its epigrammatic functions and cleaning requirements. Subsequently, learn how to use it. Do not be afraid to touch and turn your filter. You are going to spend the rest of your life with it so you have to get acquainted. So learn how to cozy up with your filter.

Stock up on equipment and pool chemicals. The worst thing that can happen is to run out of these things.

You can become the next best thing. Being a semi-perfect pool owner will help you gear up against future pool problems.

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