Beginning Work-Outs to Look Great in Your Swimming Suit

by Pool Builders on 03-06-2011 in Articles

You may love swimming and it is time to hit the beach or the swimming pool. You want to look great in your swimming suit. There are work-outs that can give you the best looking body that you can achieve while donning your swimwear.

To help tone your legs you can easily do squats. Grab a chair and place one hand on the top of the chair. Now slowly bend your knees as far as they will go without hurting. Keep your back straight and squat ten times when you first start. Switch to the other hand and squat ten more times. As you become used to squatting add more.

Another great leg exercise without having to use expensive exercise equipment is lying down on the floor on your back. You can use a mat or lie on the carpeting. Lift the right leg ten times. Lift the left leg ten times. Now turn on your right side. Do ten left leg lifts. The slower you lift and lower your leg, the more benefit you will receive. Lastly turn on your left side and lift your right leg ten times. When doing these leg lifts your abs will benefit as well as your sides. To tone your rear you can stand up and perform leg lifts. Lift each leg ten times, kicking backwards.

If you are just starting your work-out program you can use two soup cans to work-out your arms. Place one soup can in each hand. With your arms at your side, lift the right hand up in a biceps curl. Perform ten times. Now lift the left hand up in a biceps curl. As you become intermediate in your work-outs you can use weights that are heavier. You can lift the cans ten times straight above your head, hands straight out to your side and lift up and slowly lower to your sides. Repeat each exercise ten times on each arm.

To work on your abs you can start with twenty crunches per day. You can up your crunches by performing twenty crunches in the morning, twenty crunches in the afternoon and twenty crunches in the evening. Watch your abs start to tone up before your very eyes. You can almost see how fabulous you are going to look in your swimwear.

When you complete all of the above exercises, take a twenty to thirty minute walk outdoors. The fresh air and sunshine will do you and your spirit good. You will get a little color which will also help you look fantastic in your swimwear.

You can have a toned up body by religiously following a work-out plan and eating healthy. You will love your body when it is swimwear time. You can look just as fashion forward as the models in Sports Illustrated, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar, Vogue and Grazia.

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