Beguiling Beach Resorts in South Goa Offer Bliss  

by Pool Builders on 07-08-2014 in Articles

Beach Resorts in South Goa, part of the amazing pastiche of culture, charm, comforts galore and culinary temptations that are as irresistible as they are succulent and spiced with special ingredients, offer the discerning holiday maker, a €never-before€ experience. To have and to hold in the crevices of the mind, where it can enlarge upon them anew from time to time and recreate the delightful facets of a leisure holiday spent in such welcoming beach resorts. Goa itself lies on the West coast of India, enticingly perched between the reassuring Western Ghats and the serene Arabian Sea. With an almost picture postcard appeal, its ambience of gracious erstwhile Portuguese mansions, its intrinsic culture of gay hospitality with a medley of wonderful wines, foods and music feting you and urging you to shed your inhibitions, you can discover sublime bliss here!

In charmingly conceptualized beach resorts in Goa, which offer you such a laid-back experience in terms of feasting and exploring your innate propensities for enjoyment, whether it be indulging in water sports like para-sailing, wind-surfing, motor-boating, a sunset cruise or whatever else the dedicated sports agencies for such water-based pastimes, organize. For those wishing to swim invigorating lengths in the in-house swimming pool, with a separate safe swimming enclosure for children, this option is also available. Other enjoyable leisure activities that can be enjoyed wholeheartedly by merry-minded guests to these beach resorts, include a variety of exciting entertainment options such as lively karaoke nights, theme evenings and live bands to which you can dance to and much more! And if romance is on your mind, then a beautiful candle-light dinner can be organized in romantic settings just for the two of you.

Whether you prefer to dine in private splendor, sampling delectable Goan delicacies, a potpourri of select international fare or spicy and succulent traditional Indian non-vegetarian and vegetarian preparations, or whether you wish to imbibe wines locally made or from an oenophile's cellar, is entirely your choice! The in-house pubs and bars, serving a medley of Indian spirits, wines, liqueurs and beers, is open till the early hours of the morning, so you can effortlessly have an all-night session here! Or you can swim up to the swimming pool bar in between enjoying the cool blue waters of the pool and relax, sipping their favorite drinks. For those of you frequenting the smart resto-bar with its international cellar and excellent dining experience, it's a different story altogether! So beach resorts in South Goa, where a medley of mouth-watering and soul stirring experience coalesce in an ambience of laid back leisure, infectious bonhomie and impeccable hospitality, are the answer to a holiday goer's prayer, with plenty of divinity thrown in, in Goa's sumptuous churches and cathedrals!

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