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by Pool Builders on 07-03-2012 in Articles

Having your very own pool in your backyard is a wonderful way to complete your landscaping and enjoy endless summer days lounging and playing in the cool water whenever you choose. Don't worry about not having enough room for an in ground pool, or the necessary funds to have it installed. Instead, you can reap all the benefits that swimming provides by investing in an above ground pool. For less than $2,000, you can own your very own with a discount above ground pool on sale from Discover the advantages to above ground pools as opposed to their in-ground counterparts.


With the discount sale going on at, you can get your very own 18' Round Trevi Above Ground Pool for less than $2,000! One of the biggest advantages to purchasing this quality Trevi is the affordability of such pools. Don't let the low cost fool you - the affordable price does not translate into cheap quality. On the contrary, these pools use high quality materials and advanced technologies to make them incredibly durable and long-lasting.

Portable and Easy to Install

Above ground pools like the 18' Round Trevi from are amazingly simple to install. Unlike the ones you have to build into the ground, there is not a whole lot of digging involved, which is very time-consuming. You can have the pool up and running within a couple of days and start enjoying it almost immediately. In addition, relocating the pool from one spot to another is no problem. Disassembling and reassembling it in another location is very easy to do.

Full Size

With the 18' Round Trevi from, you can enjoy a full size above ground pool at a fraction of the cost and labour as an in-ground pool. If you prefer a different size for your home, you can be sure to find it on There is just as much enjoyment to be had with a full size above ground pool as with any one that is stuck in the ground.

Top Quality Structure and Material

Despite the incredibly affordable price of an above ground swimming pool, they are very durable and constructed using top quality materials. In particular, the 18' Round Trevi from features a 7" top ledge, steel uprights, and a 52" corrugated steel wall with polymer wall coating.

One of the most important factors of a high quality aboveground pool is a durable liner. The Trevi features a liner that is constructed in the same manner as expensive in ground pools. These liners are made with high quality, heavy gauge vinyl. Each liner is custom designed to match the exact dimensions of the above ground pool to ensure it fits properly.

Why Buy From is a USA based pool, sauna and spa manufacturer that has been in the business for over 46 years and counting. They construct only the highest health and leisure products. All of their products are put through a rigorous testing process to ensure they leave the factory ready to perform and continue to last for years at peak performance. They take pride in their American craftsmanship, so you can be sure that you are investing in top quality pools and spas from Visit their website and discover their discount above ground pools sale, and get a great price on a quality swimming pool today. Take advantage of their free shipping policy, and have your above ground swimming pool delivered right to your front door!

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