Benefit of Freestyle Swimming Compared to Other Swimming Techniques

by Pool Builders on 09-28-2010 in Articles

Most people choose to learn swimming and incorporate it to their regular routines as this type of exercise is known to provide lots of benefits. There are different types of swimming techniques such as the backstroke, butterfly stroke and the breaststroke. But for nonprofessional swimmers who are into fitness swimming, they would typically choose different varieties of freestyle techniques such as the sidestroke, crawl stroke and the doggy paddle. This is due to the fact that they know the many benefits of freestyle swimming compared to other swimming techniques. But of course, you have to consider the place where you will be swimming for you to be able to choose the best freestyle technique for you.

If you are a member of a swimming team or you are just starting with a swimming workout, you may want to consider using the crawl stroke as your primary technique among all other freestyle strokes. The crawl stroke is also known as the front stroke or the front crawl and is also known as the fastest freestyle technique. The crawl stroke should be done with your head facing the water down and turning your head to the side in case you need to breathe air in. your arms should be moved in a forward direction, windmill-like, and your legs remain extended while doing fast kicking movements. Among all other freestyle techniques, this is considered as the most technical and is beneficial when done in lap pools as you can practice swimming in a straight line.

Another popular freestyle swimming technique is the sidestroke which is beneficial as it teaches you how to move while you are saving energy. The benefit of freestyle swimming compared to other swimming techniques is that it allows you to swim on different waters and in different patterns. Just like the sidestroke which is best done in an ocean and in conjunction with the crawl stroke, especially if you need to swim in long distances. It is beneficial since compared to other swimming strokes; this is a lot easier on the joints and can be done on either side while utilizing both a quick arm and leg movements. This freestyle stroke allows you to glide using the momentum of your moves. This is also beneficial since this is the most recommended by most emergency rescue experts, especially if you are trying to get out of a strong ocean or river current.

Those who are new to swimming usually learn the doggy paddle first among all other freestyle swimming techniques. Compared to the rest of the techniques, this is considered to be the easiest to learn as it allows you to keep both your head and face out of the water surface all the time. There are lots of benefits of freestyle swimming compared to other swimming techniques and swimmers start to learn about this as they learn the different freestyle techniques. Also, when it comes to learning the doggy paddle style, it can help you feel confident and a lot more comfortable while you are in the water.

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