Benefit of Goggles While Swimming  

by Pool Builders on 07-02-2013 in Articles

That from the dive to the trophy time, swimming goggles play a great part is well known. At least all those who have suffered smarting eyes or minor allergies certainly appreciate why eyes must be protected while swimming. Let us draw up a short list of the benefits of wearing goggles before jumping into water.

- It's all about vision basically. Lenses of quality swimming goggles have an anti-fog film on the inside, which wards of fogging to a great extent. This helps you to keep eyes open even under water, a critical point while soaring up from a dive whether you are swimming for fun or in a race. At least, you can avoid dashing into the lane rope!

- Pool water is chlorinated and rather heavily if it's a public pool. While it does not cause severe or immediate damage, chlorine can irritate and pose problems in the long run. The moral: not only wear goggles but choose those which are purpose-made for swimming.

- Swimming in the sea? Then do make it a point to put on swimming goggles. Today's beaches are rather badly polluted, there is too much of debris and there is lot of salt in the sea water anyway. You will enjoy the dip in the ocean (and be able to see the fish better) if you keep eyes free from stinging with the salt water.

For getting the full benefits however, the trick lies in choosing a good pair of goggles.

What makes Good swimming goggles?

Whether you go to a shop or search online, swimming goggles of various varieties - branded, non-branded, expensive and not so expensive ones will literally flood your choice. Will you say, I will the costliest pair and trust it to be the best. No way, considering top-end swimming goggles' price is about ten times what junior goggles cost, the range is too wide for a decision. Can you base the selection by brand? Again there are too many of the latest rages doing the rounds.

Look for two main things in swimmer's goggles: the type and lenses. Competition goggles help your hydrodynamics but they could be slightly uncomfortable for daily swimming sessions. Practice and leisure swimming goggles provide softer rubber gasket and also a bit more distance between the eyes and the lens, which makes them more comfortable for longer swimming sessions.

Going on to lenses, light orange or clear lenses are good if you swim when light is low. Backstroke or afternoon swimmers would prefer dark colored lenses which cuts down on light.

The final word? Wear goggles while swimming; you will enjoy more.

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