Benefits Of Installing A Side Stream Filter  

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Being effective heat removal devices, Cooling Towers are used to move waste heat to the atmosphere. Side Stream Filters are mainly used in industrial Cooling Towers. Cooling Towers are used to effectively remove the solids containing dust, airborne debris and microbiological organisms. Side stream filters are designed to treat a part of the main water circuit flow. They are also used for the removal of suspended solids and chemically treated biomass. They are usually installed in the building plant room and a number of accessories are used to make the installation and operation process very simple. Here is more on Side stream filters and their benefits.

Side Stream Filter Is Required When:

  • There is a filthy water source which contains high level of suspended solids.
  • There is high level of solids building up in the sump.
  • Heat exchangers require regular mechanical cleaning.
  • There are traces of excessive corrosion rates.
  • Despite using a good antifoulant program, heat exchangers still get dirty frequently.
Installing A Side Stream Filter Will:
  • Reduce the corrosion rate
  • Increase equipment life
  • Make the system more efficient
  • Reduce maintenance and repair costs
  • Lower labor costs
Benefits Of Using Side Stream Filter
  • It is an extremely effective particle remover and works down removing even small particles upto 40 microns.
  • As it is effective in removing solids from the system, the corrosion inhibitor lays down its protective layer on a clean surface, thereby reducing the corrosion rate and maintaining the equipment life.
  • If combined with good chemical treatment, the filter keeps the system cleaner and as a result, reduces the need for mechanical cleaning.
  • Keeping the system clean, the filter ensures better heat transfer rates for a longer period of time.
  • It has no back flushing system which means no scope for water wastage.
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