Benefits of Non Chlorine Pools

by Pool Builders on 01-20-2008 in Articles

There are literally countless different benefits of the non-chlorine pools of today and the more dangers of chlorine are revealed the more these benefits are discovered. Consumers and pool professionals throughout North America are not only learning about the dangers of chlorine but they are sharing them with the public as well which is making the non-chlorine industry boom as it should. These non-chlorine pools are far more environmentally friendly and more importantly they are safe for your family and friends to swim in without experiencing any chemical effects.

Choosing a non-chlorine pool today provides you with a great deal of options, more so than ever before in the past. One of the biggest misconceptions of non-chlorine pools is the saltwater pool. Many people think this is a great alternative to chlorine pools but what they do not realize is that chlorine is still being used in these pools and they are no better for you or the environment than a chlorine pool. Saltwater pools are incredibly expensive and unfortunately many consumers purchase this pool option and discover later that chlorine is still being used, just in a different way.

There are two non-chlorine pool systems which are very popular today, the ozone treatment and the oxygen system. These two systems are chemical free and do not use any form of chlorine to make their system work. Although both have their different benefits and disadvantages, they are still both better than using chlorine. Everyone has swam in a chlorine pool at one time or another and you have no doubt experienced the itchy eyes and skin and that over powering chlorine smell that forces you to shower after a swim in the pool. These chlorine free pools are so incredibly different that you will never want to swim in chlorine ever again. It is far more refreshing and it literally feels like swimming in a bottle of water!

In the beginning of chlorine use in the past no one ever thought there were be health dangers as well as side effects that would surface in the future. With these non-chlorine pools there is absolutely no chemicals being used which means you do not have to worry about new findings appearing in the future as it is a natural cleaning system and one that is good for you as well as your pool and environment. You will find that these non-chemical pools are far easier to maintain and even more affordable for every consumer out there today. Chlorine pools cost a great deal when you are constantly buying large containers of chemicals to sustain the water PH levels you need.

Take these advantages into consideration and you will find that when swimming season comes you will never want to get out of your pool. It is a refreshing feeling you have no doubt never experienced before and one you will never want to get rid of. Choosing the right non-chlorine pool can take some time but you will be more than glad you took the time to research and find the best alternative to chlorine.

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