Benefits of Owning a Pool  

by Pool Builders on 07-29-2010 in Articles

As you sat fanning yourself in your back yard, sweaty and hot, weighed down by the heat and the steam of the mid-day sun, did you vow that next year would be the year to get a pool? Did you finally get a pool, hoping that it would not only provide your family with summertime fun but would also help increase your home's value when you decided to sell or refinance your home?
Well, certainly a pool can help with family fun, health and to chase away the heat of the day. But a surprising misconception is that adding a pool will help increase the value of your home. While it may make it easier to sell because many people are attracted to the thought of having a pool, recovering the cost and investment of the addition of a pool is not something you should expect.
If you're looking to invest in your home for resale value, the first place to tackle is the kitchen or bathroom. The average return-on-investment for improvements to the kitchen ranges from about 80 percent to 93 percent and bathroom renovations can yield a return of between 85 percent to 90 percent.
However, just because you might not recover the cost of adding a pool doesn't mean the benefits to owning one aren't there. The three benefits to owning a pool improve your health, your happiness and the overall look of your home.
The health benefits alone are worth owning a pool. Swimming works your entire body with low risk of injury. You get the benefits of improving your cardiovascular system, increasing your muscle strength, and improving your flexibility all at the same time. Swimming also improves your body's use of oxygen without overworking your heart. And best of all, there is no stress on your bones, joins or connective tissues with swimming.
Your happiness is just as important as your health. In fact, studies have shown that if you are happy and satisfied with your life, you are more likely to be healthy in the future. Health and happiness truly go hand in hand. What better way to enjoy life and live it to the fullest than with a pool? It can provide countless hours of quality time with your kids or your friends. Pool parties are synonymous with summertime, and if you have a pool, you'll never need an excuse to have people over for fun in the sun!
As we've mentioned, a pool may not have the return on investment you initially thought, but it can make the property more likely to sell quickly and at your asking price. For some, this is worth the investment alone. If you do decide to install a pool, a few simple touches can increase the curb applea of your home and improve the home's value to new potential homeowners.
Be sure to decorate the area surrounding your pool - if it's an inground pool, consider staining the cement surrounding your pool to make it stand out. Or line the walkway and edges with decorate pavers and brickwork. Don't forget to include plenty of greenery and landscaping to make the area inviting and relaxing.

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