Benefits of Owning the Badu Swim Jet System - Treadmill Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 01-19-2010 in Articles

The Badu SwimJet System is a product that will allow your pool to be transformed into an aqua-aerobic center. It features a system consisting of Speck Pumps to create a water treadmill. As a result, you are able to exercise much more effectively in your pool and enjoy therapeutic benefits.

The system can be installed into any type of pool, regardless of size or material. It can also be added onto existing pools with ease, in addition to pools in construction. Installation costs are minimal. Additionally, the safety of the users is secured with no intruding parts. The flush-mounted unit includes a jet-propulsion system capable of creating a current higher than 5,000 gallons per minute from a single recessed jet housing.

One benefit of the Badu SwimJet System is found in its therapeutic benefits. These benefits are offered to any kind of pool, which is not available on average swimming pools. Joints and muscles can be given massage treatments with an attached pulsating massage hose. This hose can be attached to the jet nozzles for massage treatments.

With these treatments the user is given alternative ways to treat and to help cope with muscle and joint pain. This can make it a good choice for suffers of these types of pain. In addition, therapeutic treatments can come in the way of exercise with this system, due to the jet stream's contact with the user while he or she is exercising.

The Badu SwimJet System also offers benefits for swimmers who wish to increase the capacity of their current aquatic exercise. The system's jet current creates a lap pool out of some of the smallest pools. Thus, even in a relatively small pool, users are able to use the system to create a current to swim against. This enables a small pool to become a lap pool, where users can swim for as long as they wish without worrying about touching a wall.

The system offers a number of distinct advantages to improve a user's pool. Those looking for a therapeutic massage or exercise, or a way to increase their current exercises can find this with the system.

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