Benefits of Salt Water Chlorination for Your Pool  

by Pool Builders on 09-26-2009 in Articles

There are many benefits to the innovative new process of using salt water chlorination for your swimming pool. Many homeowners have switched over to this new process as a way to maintain a clean and healthy swimming pool environment while eliminating the need for the use of harsh chemicals.

In fact, safety is probably one of the main reasons for switching over to a salt water chlorination system. When you pool is run through a salt water chlorination [] system, the need for harsh and dangerous chemicals is eliminated. This means there are no more concerns about storing these chemicals improperly or the effect of swimming in a pool laden with these harsh chemical components.

Moreover, salt water chlorination is more cost effective than its chlorinated system counterpart. Installing the initial system might be slightly more expensive, but over time, as the homeowner saves money on the purchase of chemicals, this imbalance shifts to one of savings for the homeowner. The fact is the pool salt is much less expensive than chlorine, which makes salt water chlorination a much less expensive method of maintaining your swimming pool.

Salt water chlorination is also healthier. For example, salt water chlorination does not cause itchy skin or red eyes. It will not have a harmful effect on hair, as chlorine often does. Gone are the days of having to worry about hair turning green because of the chlorine chemicals found in a swimming pool. Salt water chlorination eliminates exposure to a pool full of chemicals, all of which contribute to mild, but unpleasant physical effects.

Salt water chlorination is easy to maintain because there is so much less to do by way of balancing chemicals. For example, chlorine evaporates, which means it is a delicate process to maintain the pH levels of a pool, which are important to ensure that the way remains free of bacteria and safe for swimming purposes. Salt requires far less applications to get the balance of the pool right, making it much easier --- and less expensive --- to maintain your swimming pool.

Finally, your pool accessories will last that much longer because salt water chlorination [] does not damage them over time. No more worrying about pool equipment falling apart or bathing suits thinning because of the exposure to chlorine. Salt water exposure has none of these drawbacks, but still boasts a host of benefits!

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