Benefits of Sand Filters for Pools

by Pool Builders on 05-12-2013 in Articles

The weather is starting to warm up, which is a great thing for pool owners. If you own a pool, you know how important it is to keep it clean and maintained. One accessory that many people don't know about is a sand filter, which has proven to be reliable and effective at keeping water free from debris.

These devices offer many benefits over standard filters when it comes to eliminating particles. There are many types of filters available on the market, but these are generally very cost-effective and efficient. You simply can't go wrong with a sand filter, although you may need to clean them out from time to time to prevent clogs from occurring.

One of the main reasons why pool owners choose these filters over others, such as cartridge or DE water filters, is that they are cheap and easy to use. The key to keeping swimming pools in functional condition is ensuring proper maintenance procedures are carried out. In this sense, investing in a low-maintenance solution like a sand filter is well worth the money. Be sure to contact a pool repair specialist if you need help replacing or repairing your filter.

The Benefits of Sand Filters

· Sand filters are filled with a special type of sand that is sized and graded specifically to trap particles in the water that other filters cannot remove. The water flows through the sand and any impurities or contaminants that are present will be trapped from passing through into the pool.

· These filters can trap very small debris that can often get through cartridge filters.

· They are simple to install and are very easy to use; once you have put the filter in place, there is little you will need to do to keep it running. The sand that is present will only need to be replaced once every 5 years or so.

· Sand filters are a cost-effective and low-maintenance option.

If you are planning on buying a pool or have an existing one that you need to maintain before spring comes around, consider getting a sand filter. Cheap and effective, you can always purchase a cartridge filter if you don't like the results. These filters have been around for a long time. The technology is simple and the concept of "if it's not broken, don't fix it" certainly applies. Remember to contact a pool service firm if you need assistance choosing or installing the filter.

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