Benefits of Solar-Powered Pool Heating System  

by Pool Builders on 05-05-2014 in Articles

Solar power is one of the cheapest, most abundant sources of energy we have right now, and its use has been steadily growing over the past decade due to its efficiency and environment-friendly traits. As for solar-powered pool heating, the U.S. Department of Energy encourages its use because they perceive it as one of the most efficient ways of reducing energy consumption. In fact, with the installation of solar pool heating systems for swimming pools around, the government projects that this could be one of the best investments anyone can make and that this system will have the largest use of solar power across the globe. As such, let us explore the numerous benefits this system offers you in a variety of aspects.

1. It gives more reasons for you to spend quality time with your family.

Common knowledge pretty much tells us that children are invariably attracted to the swimming pool. What most people neglect, though, is the fact that children want to go to the swimming pool more if they have the whole family as their playmates. This is one of the major benefits of a heated swimming pool€"families will be able to experience the enjoyment of being able to swim in warm temperature regardless of the season and the time of the year. People with low tolerance of the cold need not watch in vain; everyone will be able to jump in and enjoy various water plays and strengthen family bonds without worrying about excessive energy costs.

2. It allows you to do more low impact exercises and water aerobics.

Having a heated swimming pool in your property allows you to perform low impact exercises and various aerobics be it in the morning, afternoon or evening. Most people with busy schedules that go to public pools are often hard-pressed for time, mainly because they need to set their schedule in such a way that work, exercise and other responsibilities are accommodated. Additionally, even if you have a swimming pool in your yard but do not have heating systems installed, you will not be able to swim anytime you want because of the low temperature during certain times of the day. Having a solar-powered pool heating system will address all of those problems, allowing you to maintain your body with various exercises€"combining warm swimming pool and low impact exercises are very beneficial for your health.

3. It yields greater return on investment.
If you have an unheated swimming pool, you may feel as if you are not getting as much in return. Swimming pools are known for incurring extra expenses like mortgage, taxes, insurance and electric bills on a monthly basis, whether you use it or not. Add the maintenance and equipment replacement costs you will spend over time and you might just find yourself losing over 200 dollars a month for your pool alone. When you have a heated pool, you will surely enjoy what you are paying for year-round, and with a solar powered heater, you will be able to save more, yielding greater return on investment.

4. It will prevent unnecessary expenses because it is durable and requires less maintenance.

Compared to gas or electric-powered heaters, solar equipment will last longer. You just need to make sure that an annual maintenance is properly administrated. Now in comparison, fuel heaters can last three to five years and have a two-year warranty at the least. Solar panels, in turn, have a decade's worth of warranty at the least, and they generally last 15 to 20 years. These can even last longer, as long as proper maintenance is done.

As for maintenance, gas and electric heaters require annual maintenance by technicians. Solar heaters require very little maintenance in comparison. This will mean less costs and hassle for you, allowing you to fully enjoy the amenities provided by your pool.

5. It is beneficial to the environment.

Burning fossil fuels always entails damaging effects to the environment, regardless of the various safety features and standards we employ. This is because the burning fuels will release nitrogen oxides, contributing to the formation of smog in most urbanized areas. So, using solar energy as replacement will help in smog reduction. Additionally, carbon dioxide is released when burning fuels, helping promote climate change. Natural gas, propane heaters or solar-powered heaters will help stop the production of three to 10 tons of carbon dioxide, preventing them from entering the atmosphere each season. This is the same amount of emission produced by your car in a yearly basis.

Having a solar powered pool heater is certainly a great investment, aside from being a convenient way of keeping your pool ready for any plunge anytime of the day, regardless of the season. This uses free energy gathered from the sun, allowing you to enjoy the benefits without having to add costs. In fact, most solar heaters can help extend a swim season for approximately 340 days, making your pool accessible almost any time.

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