Benefits of Swimming  

by Pool Builders on 05-10-2010 in Articles

When spring rolls around, people start to get ready to take on the summer. This is time for family fun, vacations, summer break for students and most of all fun in the sun. Swimming is one of the most popular past times for people in the summer month and no wonder with all of the benefits it offers everyone. Believe it or not, it is said that swimming is actually the best exercise a person can do. Below is a breakdown of some of the main benefits of swimming.

* Swimming helps you to lose weight and get your body in shape without having to put any strain on your muscles. It helps you to feel more energized and refreshed. Not many people are aware that when they swim, they are using all of their muscles where if you are doing regular exercising, you are targeting certain muscles.

* Swimming helps you to strengthen your heart and to build up more heart muscle. You will find that the healthier your heart is the better it pumps blood throughout the body. The better your circulation is the less chance you have for getting certain illnesses.

* The amount of time you spend exercising will lesson when you switch your exercise routine to a swimming one. Since you are using all of your muscles there is no need for you have separate workouts for different areas of your body. It is important that you do not over do it when swimming. Start out with 10 to 15 minutes of swimming and work your way up from there.

* This type of exercise is much safer than any other type of exercise. The water helps to give you a cushioned area to do your workouts in. There is no stress put on your muscles and the water works to give you just enough resistance to let you get the most out of your workout.

* Swimming allows you to build stronger muscles because you need to wrk harder at doing your exercises. Because there is the natural resistance from the water, your body will work that much harder, making it so you build up your muscles in the time as doing exercises out of the water.

* People with joint problems can benefit greatly with swimming as they are weightless in water and their joints can move much more freely. Many physical therapists use water exercises to help their patients recover faster from injuries.

If you do not have a pool there are plenty of other outlets that you can use to get in some swim time such as the local beaches and even local public pools. You can even ask a friend if they have a pool if you can get together for a quick dip in the pool. Do not make swimming a summer activity only. Try finding indoor pools that you can use year round so you can have the benefits of swimming whenever you want.

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