Benefits of Swimming   by Stephanie Morawski

by Pool Builders on 02-11-2013 in Articles

Swimming is known as the perfect form of exercise. So, whatâEUR(TM)s keeping you from taking the plunge? If you canâEUR(TM)t find a pool, need structured workouts, or are looking to focus your exercise, you picked the right article to dive into. Here are some benefits of swimming that everyone should know.

Low Impact High Results- Swimming is a good exercise choice for just about everyone. For those with physical limitations, those suffering from injury and those with asthma or arthritis the benefits of swimming are immeasurable. Other fitness regimes such as running, biking and hiking put a lot of pressure on joints, bones, and muscle. Swimming, on the other hand, significantly reduces the risk of injury and aids in preventing future injury, due to the buoyancy of water. The benefits of this low impact exercise outweigh just about every other low impact exercise. Increased flexibility, lower blood pressure, stronger cardiovascular and muscle development all contribute to a firmer, healthier, and happier you.

Full Body Workout- Swimming is one of the few exercises that provide a full body workout. A full body workout uses all the major muscle groups; arms, chest, shoulders, back, core and legs. Choosing a full body workout over workout regimes that only targets specific muscles is a lesser time commitment, increases muscular recovery rates, is ideal for fat loss, and is much more engaging than repetitive monotonous targeted workouts. The best swim strokes for full body conditioning and toning are freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke. The resistance created by the water strengthens muscles while simultaneously improving cardiovascular endurance. For the best results interval workouts are suggested as they engage your body in both aerobic and anaerobic exercise, which uses both immediate and stored forms of energy.

Reduce Stress Levels- Studies have shown that swimming in addition to all of its physical benefits swimming can also help to reduce stress levels. The stress relief can be attributed to the focus and coordination of breathing necessary to perform strokes. Making contact with the water helps to loosen up the body and clears the mind making relaxation easy. Some believe that the regular repetitive rhythm swimming requires has meditative characteristics that can significantly reduce stress levels and allows for easier relaxation after exercise.

With the help of the newly developed iPhone/iPad app, Swim Workouts To Go, you wonâEUR(TM)t be feeling like a fish out of water anymore. Anyone who has some swim experience and wants a structured workout will benefit from this app. These can be experienced swimmers or triathletes, those without a team but with access to a pool, and even new swimmers who want to take the next step from âEUR~lap swimmingâEUR(TM) to a more well designed program that will target different energy systems and strokes

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