Benefits of Swimming Ring Games

by Pool Builders on 03-22-2010 in Articles

Most of us love to swim. It can be great fun, especially when you play games in the water. One of my favorite games is ring collection. The idea is for someone to toss several sinking dive rings into the bottom of the pool and then for two or more people to try to beat each other at the game.

There are a few variations of the game. One is to collect only a certain color ring. One is to collect X number of rings in a certain time. My favorite, though, is to simply see how many rings each person can collect in one breath. Success depends, mainly, on how long the person can comfortably stay under the water.

The great thing about swimming ring games is that it can help to improve lung function. Learning to hold your breath for longer and longer periods of time will increase your lung capacity and lead to better health.

A side benefit is that ring games are a great way to make getting wet fun. That can be a great way to teach kids that it's not only safe, but also fun, to go in the pool and get their heads wet. Of course, that's assuming that they know how to swim and are under constant close supervision.

The great thing about the ring games is that they can be played in the deep end of the pool for a bigger challenge or in the shallow end of the pool for those that aren't as comfortable. So, they can be adapted for any situation. Not only that, but there are many other similar pool games to play.

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