Benefits of Swimming for Our Health

by Pool Builders on 10-09-2010 in Articles

Swimming is one sport that is great for improving our health. Unlike other sports which can cause sore joints, swimming is free from all risk. Swimming fairly minimal risk of physical injury because swimming is a sport without the force of gravity or non weight barring, for the whole body also detained by the water or float. This is what makes many people suggest pregnant women, people with arthritis, or those who are overweight to swim.

Swimming has many benefits when we do it correctly and regularly. We can form the muscles of our body from the chest muscles, abdominal muscles, waist, etc. Swimming can also improve heart function and lung. Additionally, swimming also can help the growth process, training the respiratory, burn more calories, relieve stress, and also for self-safety.

Before the swim is highly recommended to perform warming movement to prevent muscle cramps while also working to increase body temperature and heart rate gradually and also do a swim to cool down after your body temperature and heart rate did not decline drastically. Warm up by swimming slowly for 5 minutes.

For the warming up can be started by doing light movements, such as swinging arms and legs or walking around the pool for 10-15 minutes. Then gradually start with one lap to cross the pond, then rest for 30 seconds (do 2-3 times) and the peak swimming for 20-40 minutes without stopping. After several weeks, the exercise could be improved. Instead, changing the style of swimming so that all of our body muscles trained.

The only 'shortage' of this sport is turned less favorable for bone health. The absence of gravity forces while swimming just a bad influence on bone mass. To fix this, you can do other sports such as jogging, walking, or cycling as a distraction.

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