Benefits of Using a Winter Pool Cover

by Pool Builders on 09-13-2010 in Articles

Swimming is one of the most loved sports or activities of many. It serves as an exercise for some people who are health conscious while for some who just love to spend time outdoors, it serves as a fun past time. Some housewives decided to have a pool installed in their backyards so they can have a place to spend weekends with their families. Swimming can also be a way of socializing with other people. These things are possible as long as you keep the pool in its good condition.

Before winter season comes, pool owners have to winterize their pool. This is to prevent winter hazards that might damage their pool. Cleaning is the basic step of pool winterizing. You have to make sure that you remove all the dirt and debris in the water such as dry leaves, twigs and small insects. To prevent pool freeze, you also have to put anti-freeze chemicals in the water. After all the winterizing procedures, it is important to cover your pool with winter cover.

  1. It saves time and energy. Installing winter cover saves time and energy in cleaning your pool. Pool cover prevents stubborn dirt and debris such as twigs, dry leaves and small insects from entering the pool thus keeping the water clean and clear. This will require you lesser time and effort in cleaning for the next season. You can enjoy doing other activities while maintaining the good condition of your pool.
  2. It cuts energy consumption. Keeping your pool covered avoids the penetration of dirt and will maintain the cleanliness of it. In that case you don't need to use automatic pool cleaner in clearing out the water because the pool cover will do it for you. Aside from that, using winter pool cover eliminates the use of pool heaters once you decided to take a pool bathe this winter. This will cut the cost of energy consumption thus lowering your expenses. Just make sure that your pool cover is durable and backed with warranty to make sure that your pool will get the best protection.
  3. It retains the high water temperature. Using above ground winter cover, particularly solar cover will be very helpful in maintaining the warm temperature of the water. Solar cover is made from durable vinyl with added U.V. inhibitors which has the ability to absorb the heat of the sun and trap it in the water thus increasing its temperature without the use of pool heaters.
  4. It prevents damages. Pool freeze is one of the most stressful winter pool hazards. It doesn't just damage the surface of the pool; it also damages the pool plumbing. Winter pool cover prevents the penetration of snow in the water to avoid pool freeze. You will never have to worry about this dilemma when you have your own winter pool cover.
  5. It helps prevent accidents. No one wants to have a bad winter experience. And also no one wants any accident to happen in their loved-ones. Installing pool winter cover in your pool will secure the safety of your family. It prevents accidents such as accidental submersion that can cause injuries or even death.

These benefits of using winter cover will surely persuade you to invest in durable yet affordable one. This will not just maintain the cleanliness of your pool; it will also enhance its look and will make it look more attractive all throughout the years.

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