Benefits of Using the Above Ground Pool Covers

by Pool Builders on 03-10-2014 in Articles

The different types of pool covers offer wide-ranging benefits to the backyard pool owner. Above ground pool covers are particularly beneficial in the winter to protect against dirt and debris. They are also appreciated for providing a safety feature to stop small children or animals gaining entry to the pool water. Here are five of the major benefits of using pool covers:

Safety - Even though it is more difficult to enter the above ground pools, it still makes sense to install one of the resilient safety covers. They are designed to accept the weight of a small child or animal. A safety cover needs to be solidly anchored in place to make sure it stays in place should something climb on top. These covers are rated to accept a weight in the region of 485 to 525 pound per square foot. Many of the safety covers feature a mesh design which is both long-lasting and strong.

Heat Retention - A pool cover with the ability to keep heat is used during the cooler periods, such as late or early in the season. A common style includes the solar covers. They are highly effective at trapped the sun's heat and transferring it to the pool water. By regularly using the solar heaters to retain heat, it is possible to increase the water temperature by a good 12 to 15 degrees.

Clean - A pool cover designed to protect against issues related to dirt and debris is essential for the long winter. A protective cover makes it easier to open the pool the following spring. There are several different types of above ground pool covers available. A micro-mesh or mesh cover is perfect for those areas likely to experience a lot of rain or snowfall during the winter period. They let the rain and melted snow pass through the mesh and enter the pool. A solid cover is also available and they are preferred in the dry climates.

Chemical Use - The daily use of a pool cover is certain to see a significant reduction in the use of chemicals like chlorine and bromine. A large amount of chemicals are lost daily due to evaporation. This is easily avoided by using a pool cover during the swimming season.

Leaf Catcher - A leaf catcher cover is a necessary for the pools installed in areas with surrounding trees. They are designed to go on top of the main winter cover and make the process of clearing the fallen debris that much easier.

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