Best Benefits of a Salt Water Pool

by Pool Builders on 03-30-2008 in Articles

Are you considering a salt water pool option? Unlike a traditional chlorine pool, salt water pools can really benefit you and your family. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages, as there are with just about every pool option, but here are the best benefits:

Over time, you will save money. While the best pool options are initially a lot more expensive to put in, they're a more cost-effective system in the end. Converting your traditional pool to a salt water pool is not terribly expensive. Even with the extra expenses, you'll make up for that loss after about two years. For many, this is one of the advantages. Chlorine is very expensive, and as compared, the amount of salt you'll use during a year is very inexpensive.

There are still chemicals in a salt pool, but the best pool systems that are well maintained are a lot less harsh than traditional chlorine pools. The salt water makes its own chlorine, so you don't have to handle potentially harmful chemicals, and the levels of chlorine in the water are low while still being effective. This also means that you won't have to deal with dry skin, green hair, and fading swimming suits anymore.

Salt water pools are, in general, easier to manage once you learn the system. The water in your pool will run through a control box system that automatically electrifies the water as needed, producing chlorine. It also tests the water for salt levels and alerts you if something is wrong. One of the best attributes is that they don't support algae so you'll spend less time dealing with that problem and the pH levels bounce less frequently, so you'll spend less time with that problem as well.

The best salt water pool systems are designed to be a safer, healthier option for consumers. However, keep in mind that there is still chlorine in the pool and, thus, there are still problems even with the very best pool systems. The backsplash can kill plants surrounding the pool, and is still potentially harmful to swimmers if you do not regulate the water's chemical levels. The systems are still not free from chemicals.

There are, however, other options, and natural pools are safer to humans and the environment. These pools are designed to be as natural as possible in order to provide those who want a pool with another option. Are natural pools right for homeowners? In many cases, yes, however, keep in mind that there are both advantages and disadvantages to natural pools as well.

All in all the best salt water pool options are worth your consideration if you want a pool. This option is safer than typical chlorine pools and, over time, can be extremely cost effective. Many homeowners love their salt water pools, and this is one of the options you should at least look into for your pool needs.

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