Best Fitness Activity - Swimming

by Pool Builders on 12-26-2010 in Articles

Swimming can be used as a warm up session before going to your regular works. After work, swimming few laps will able to assist you cool-down, it moves blood all the way through your muscles helping them to recover the strength, and relax you. If your weight is 150 lbs. then you will burn nine hundred calories in 1 hour by swimming only 30 minute, a mile. On the other hand, many swimmers don't swim quick and for that much distance. You can even do group workouts and water aerobics which are very helpful for health and weight loss. As you talk, make challenges with each other, and share techniques sometimes is always rewarding experience.

There are some other psychological advantages of swimming as well. Relax while swimming with a low effort. Allow your mind to wander, just focus on nothing other than rhythm of stroke. If you focus strongly on one thing then you enter meditated state which will lead you to comfort, later you may leave water and are set for entire day. Many people enjoy several indirect advantages of swimming. You will see developing skills like time-management, self-discipline, sportsmanship, goal-setting, and intelligence. In general swimmers appear to do well in school, than non-swimmers.

Swimming pool image by apeschi from Swimming is the best way to burn calories and helps to make your body shape as swimming brings to work each body muscle. Swimming doesn't puts pressure on joints too than running as if you have joint or bone problem you can enjoy to swim effortlessly. Although every activity in pool assists you to lose weight, but there are some tips to lose maximum weight.

Stretch out previously before entering the pool. As you work so every muscle will stretch out. A simple exercise like stand straight and touch your toes, then hold one arm's elbow at the back of your head at the same time get down your spine stretch both upper and the lower body. Start swimming slowly to and fro in pool. Backstrokes as well as sidestrokes are two techniques that will allow floating as you swim. Slowly start increasing the movements as well as speed of swim to burn calories.

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