Best Furniture For Around the Pool

by Pool Builders on 02-28-2010 in Articles

If there one place where outdoor furniture gets used the most is around a pool. Pool chlorine and sun exposure are major foes in caring for these outdoor pieces.

Wood, of course, does not make a good choice for this water environment. Even if you set wooden furniture away from the pool, often, a damp towel will be left on it. Outdoor wooden furniture near a pool is likely to get water damage one way or another. There is only one wood that may be suitable in a water environment and that is teak. It is a hardwood that has water repelling qualities and historically was used in ship building. Though still very popular, the over foresting of teak has recently placed the wood on the endangered list. Plastic is the clear choice for around water and is found around most pools through out the world. It is light weight, water resistant, and easy to take care of.

Pool furniture also needs to be protected from harmful ultra-violet sun especially during the summertime months when the UV index skyrockets. Umbrella shades are useful in protecting your pool side furniture from fading and cracking.

There is a wonderful new material on the market that is ideal for poolside furniture. It is called high density polyethylene or HDPE and it is made from recycled plastic containers. To produce it, manufacturers melt the plastic and then add color and UV protective additives. The end product cures into a material that is stronger than wood. HDPE is sold in standard lumber sizes which allow furniture manufacturers to created strong plastic pieces that rival traditional wooden furniture. HDPE pool furniture is easy to clean like standard plastic items and it has built in UV protection. Finally, HDPE outdoor furniture is heavy so it will not get blown around like the normal lightweight plastic items.

Finally, do not forget about the outdoor living furniture accessories. All the seat cushions and vinyl coverings need to be waterproof. Either the material itself needs to be waterproof or you need to seal the items with a water resistant coating. If you neglect this, your cushions and coverings will be become moldy.

Spend some extra time in thinking out how to accommodate your pool setting. After all, you want people to enjoy their time around the pool as much as they do swimming in it.

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