Best Led Lights for Your Swimming Pool  

by Pool Builders on 04-03-2012 in Articles

Lighting in swimming pools offer more time to spend in the pool. There are best lights for niche pools. The pool led lights are now highly popular as it adds beauty to the pool and also reflects your mood.

In ground Pool Lights

The latest in ground pool lighting includes the regular white light and also the latest LED technology. The Hayward Astrolite is one such led light. LED bulbs offer the affect of fiber optic and color to your pool. There are companies like Pentair Lights, Super Vision and Fiberstars set the mood with relaxing colors.

Pool Lights above Ground

Now, you can have pool bulbs above the ground. The Pentair bulbs come in the same fit and offer typical color changing affect. You can buy Glow Buoy lights for your pool so that it floats on the pool.

LED Spa and Pool Lighting

Pool led lights are also known as LEDs and are referred to as semiconductor devices. They transform electrical energy into a diverse color of light. The LEDs come in high brightness and yield unimaginable performance that they cross the limits from being a mere indication source to a source of illumination. LEDs have become more prominent and are now seen in exit signs, traffic signals, messaging boards and rear brake lights. The technology inherently has the nature of the semiconductor light sources and also the smartness of a microprocessor that controls various aspects of illumination including brightness, color and special effects.

Fiber Optics

Fiber optics offers a relaxed feel in the swimming pool. The Pool led lights source contains a spinning color through the fiber optic cable and this comes out of the light fixture. You can attach multiple light sources and have color changing affect as well.

Fountain Lights

Lighten your fountain with color or white bulbs. There are solar lights that store energy in daylight and turn at dusk offering radiance all night.

Pool Light Niche

The pool bulbs niche should be fit based on the pool you have. Having Hayward bulbs indicates it should be properly fit into a Hayward niche. Similarly, owning a Large Pentair Niche is best to fit Pentair and SAM lights into the same niche. The Galaxy light fits in majority Pentair and Hayward niches.

Intermatic Transformers

These are safety Transformers designed to supply 12 volts and are submersible fixtures making excellent outdoor garden bulbs. They assure safe operation and circuit protection disconnects power in case there is overload or defect.

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