Best Methods For Building A Swimming Pool  

by Pool Builders on 04-09-2012 in Articles

If you have been looking to build a swimming pool in the back yard of your home, you should contract the services provided by experienced Fort Walton Beach pool contractors. These experienced contractors will probably suggest one of the three best methods to build your pool. These three methods are:

1. Pool construction using Gunite or concrete mix, 2) swimming Pool construction using fiberglass and 3) construction using Vinyl lined materials. Each method has its own unique advantages. These are discussed in detail in the coming sections.

Using Gunite pool construction method:

Gunite is actually a combinational mixture of dry sand and cement. This mixture is actually allowed to pass through an air hose at a certain pressure required for properly mixing the dry sand and cement. While this mixture comes out of the hose, water is added to the mixture through an adjustable nozzle. This mixture containing water is then added to the required locations in the area where the pool is going to be located. The process of adding water to the dry sand and concrete mixture is done with the help of a nozzle and this action is performed manually. The amount of water that gets added to the mixture depends on the nozzle opening. The nozzle opening is being controlled by the nozzle man and based on his skill level and experience the water gets mixed in correct proportions.

Fiber glass swimming pools:

Another popular method that is being increasingly used for constructing pools is the fiber glass private pool. The term fiberglass refers to the base material that goes in to the making of the pool shell. This base material is made out of fiberglass reinforced resin. One of the main advantages of installing this type of material is that it is quick to install compared to the other types of pools such as the concrete. From the cost point of view this fiberglass pool costs less when compared to the concrete.

Fort Walton Beach pool contractors use six layered fiber glass pools. The outermost layer is given a finishing coat with a paint mixed with resin that will not fade away due to exposure to harsh external conditions. Earlier, there was a problem in such swimming pools where the outer surface loses its sheen and color very soon. With the application of the special type of the resin mixed paint, the outer most layer remains in tact for a longer duration.

Vinyl liner pools:

A vinyl pool kit is another popular option that is used by the Fort Walton Beach pool contractors. Similar to the Fiber glass pools, vinyl liner pools are also easier to install and can be installed in a matter of four days. This is also economical compared to the concrete swimming pools. Maintaining these pools is also easier. Chlorinated PVC thermoplastic is used as the main element that goes as the shell of the swimming pool. Once installed these vinyl lined pools will last for a minimum of 20 years, after which a replacement liner has to be provided.

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